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Freshening Up The Online Store, Need Your Input…

Instead of sitting on a Sunday afternoon, fretting over which stencil phrase to order for gift bags   (because trust me, I AM going back and forth, back and forth, and the clock keeps ticking….)  I thought I’d ask YOU.   After all,  you guys are the ones that will ultimately be on the receiving end, right?

I cooked up these gift bags a while back, with orders of $125 or more – a way to bless you back for blessing me with business.     The original  gift included  a stencil, a stencil brush, and a sampler pot of one of the awesome paints I offer

This was another,  several stencils to choose from

and included  a sampler of one of paint, a stencil, a small card scraper, and a thicker metallic medium to create a raised dimensional stencil

The ‘what goes in a bag’ is no issue,  I can think that up,  but I am wondering about what stencil saying I should order.      I know this –  the  grateful, thankful blessed  is by far the most requested, and I’ll be ordering more

But I like having options, especially for those that already received the grateful/thankful/blessed.   It got me thinking…



Customers liked my personal sign as well, but it would be too big


I want to order these later this week and would love some feedback, I’ll be ordering three designs, the grateful/thankful/blessed and two others…

Will you help me choose?


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