Janie Refinishes Her Trays With Aged Papers

So thankful, grateful and blessed for my customers!

Dear Patti,

I just received my recent order from your store.  There was a container of Country Living textured paint, Cobble stone, included with my order.   I did not order it and there was no additional charge for it.  Was this a mistake or did you include it in the order.   If it was a mistake I will gladly pay for it.

I am attaching two pictures of my DIYs with your aged papers.  I wanted to let you know how helpful your Youtube videos are.  Those are old TV trays that I put the papers on.   Thank you so much for all of your help with the coordinating colors.

I am looking forward to using more of the papers.

Thank you,
Janie H

Janie,  your trays have come to life!

Thank you for sharing,  it makes my heart smile!  

ps) the sampling of Cobblestone was added in as a thanks,  hope you enjoy 🙂

We are online,  24 / 7 , to fill your paint desires – paints, textures, glazes, waxes,  finishes, tools, stencils, foils, sealers,  aged papers –  if you can’t find something, let me know!     fabfinisher.com


2 responses to “Janie Refinishes Her Trays With Aged Papers

  1. I would dearly LOVE to visit your store to see these papers; however, my virus program, Norton or Chrome says yours site is not safe! How can this be???? I understand that all sites that are secure now have “https” rather than just the http – is this the problem with your site?

    Anyway, just to let you know how things are showing up here in some places in blogland.


  2. you know, i was working on orders today and noticed that spoof page several times! like a broken link page 🧐. i had no clue either where that extra S was coming from, i know the site is secure but maybe they need to run updates – i just sent a note to my web guy , should be good to go mid morning ❤

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