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Hello My Friend, I’ve Missed You!

Where did we leave off?  I’ve been gone a week…..

I came back several times –   once you become an active blogger its an addiction –  but I felt out of touch, so off I’d go with no new post added.

I even have some backup posts ready to launch, but I didn’t turn those on either… I’m not sure why.

In years past I would say

We were on vacation for the week, time flew…

Mark always took vacation the week of the 4th, but this year is different –  he’s on permanent vacation until he finds new employment, right?

So my week was a little bit of everything-

My sister is back from China for the month.  They still have a home here, not far from our house –  their renters moved out over the weekend.  The kids and I helped her do some weeding,  and we checked out what will be our new digs (we’ll become her new ‘renters’ in the coming months)  – the kids each envisioning their new rooms, and me sitting and pondering what will fit where…

Two days later –  a nice break out of poison ivy on my arm.  Dang, that crap itches like crazy!

Chemical warfare –  Zanfel is expensive – $33 for a small tube!!

A few days later I  went back by myself  to walk through every room and sketch out wall dimensions… where will my painter tub get installed? How will I set up my workshop space?  Where will Julia’s magically created chalk soccer net be drawn on the basement wall?

 My future creative workspace –  it’s like a blank canvas!

I finished topcoating Nick’s furniture that I Caromal Colour’d black, and then moved on to refinishing the tops of Julia’s furniture

I’ll post about this whole ordeal next

I even broke out the Caromal Colours Reclaim Off White paint, to freshen up the furniture fronts, and was so tickled I made my husband come video me from my IPAD  –

NOT so sure I’ll be posting that, since my video attempts are always gorky and amateur , then again I might  post it just for the fun of it!

What else?  Enjoyed some sun, a little pool floating,  mailed off 24 packages from eBay selling, and oh – the best part –   roller bladed my rear off – I’ve been heading to our six mile park path first thing in the morning – usually by 7am – and we blade the 6  miles in about 30 minutes.  Three to four times a week – a great stress buster…. and an awesome way to connect with God…

I’ll end this on a faithful note –   this is from Joyce Meyer ministries

Positive minds full of faith and hope produce positive lives. The opposite is also true: negative minds full of fear and doubt produce negative lives, which can ultimately destroy your life. Some people have been hurt so many times that they don’t think they can face the pain of another letdown. Therefore, they refuse to hope so they won’t be disappointed.

Battles are fought in our minds every day. When we begin to feel the battle is just too difficult and want to give up, we must choose to resist negative thoughts and be determined to rise above our problems. We must decide that we’re not going to quit.

When we’re bombarded with doubts and fears, we must take a stand and say: “I’ll never give up! God’s on my side. He loves me, and He’s helping me! I’m going to make it!”

Don’t Give Up!

No matter how bad the battle rages in your mind, don’t give up! Step out and regain the territory that’s been stolen from you. Even if it’s only an inch at a time, make sure you’re leaning on God’s grace and not on your own ability.

In Galatians 6:9 the apostle Paul simply encourages us to keep on keeping on! Don’t be a quitter! Don’t have that old “give up” spirit. God’s looking for people who will find the courage to rise above all the negative and pursue the positive.

Whatever you may be facing or experiencing in your life right now, I want to encourage you to stay positive and refuse to give up! God is with you. He’ll help you make spiritual progress—strengthening and encouraging you to keep on keeping on during rough times. It’s easy to quit, but it takes faith to press on to victory.


Will Be MIA Today – Caromal Rep Training…

I feel awful when I miss a few days in a row of posting  – especially a Sunday post, and one that would have included well wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day to all…

There’s been a lot going on here – with home, and family, and work – and honestly, sometimes I am really having a hard time juggling it all like I used to – I’ll almost get moments of ‘defeat’ –  where I just remain motionless –  knowing I have so much to do, but I’ll  get absolutely nothing accomplished…   that is driving my type-A brain crazy.

This weekend we had Julia’s soccer tourney,  combined with Mothers Day and family time –

we didn’t win the tourney – still enjoyed watching her play – and  the weather was finally lovely

My mom, my sis, her daughter,  and me and Julia – three generations in one –

This morning Betsy, from Indiana,   is coming over for an all day Certified Independent Representative Training,  for Caromal Colours –

Betsy drove in last night with her husband  (that was nice of him!)  – he’ll drop her off here this morning around 8:00am.    Typically the CIR training (about 8 hours) gets broken into 2 sessions – it’s less intense that way, and allows for drying time instead of having to blow dry samples –  but being able to do an all day power train session is nice when you need to get back from where you came from.

Caromal Colours offers several options for joining their team –  if you are interested in bringing it to your neck of the woods, let me know.

So, if I haven’t responded to your email or phone call yet, I am very sorry – I would love to catch up today but will have to wait until tonight/tomorrow to jump back on the response wagon.

Thank you for your patience, and – Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

My Two Year Blog Anniversary!

Wow, I  can’t believe its been two years… I’ll never forget that scary moment I jumped.

That was a pivotal time in my life,  people changing,  relationships being tested…none of it doing much for my self-confidence.  For some reason I was drawn to the idea of blogging, but didn’ t have the courage to go at it alone. Why not?  Probably because if it failed it wouldn’t all be on me…   what a coward, huh?

I am not an eloquent speaker or writer.  I cry easy.  I try to say what I’m thinking…  If you’ve read my posts, you know what I’m talking about.   My brain snaps a thousand times a minute sometimes, leaving me boggled… conveying those thoughts on paper usually involves a lot of these

…   …   ‘s

If I tried to write my thoughts in perfect form it would take me forever – so I don’t.  Instead,  I thank God for giving me the courage to express myself freely and without fear that I’ll be mocked or discounted.   (and I thank God for nice readers that don’t point out mistakes!)

I’ve found a home in my own little blog space –  a place that’s mine…  the real me.  I feel good about it.   Thank you for making me feel like this is for a purpose.  It’s amazing how many wonderful people I’ve met along the way!     Two years ago I started with a blank slate, and now?

I have created almost 600 posts

near 600,000 page views

that have generated over 2000 comments

on my busiest day I had 4,442 page views!

one of my most commented posts

my most popular page

Recently I made a few changes to my format, the most noticeable being the brighter background. I must say, the artist in me still loves the black background but I admit it is not easy to read on.

Enjoy your stay!


I Love Smiling, Smiling’s My Favorite!

Wow, December is flying by.   I wish I was organized enough to create posts ahead of time…  I haven’t abandoned my blog, I’m just finding it impossible to find extra minutes in the day to get it done.   Three clients in two weeks is a new record for me.  Actually, four, if you want to count an Independant Rep that I will be training tomorrow for Caromal Colours. I have so many people and places and things to share with you, I can’t wait, but please, bare with me a few more days!

The newest pictures of my kidlets, SMILING  🙂 –

I’m digging these new backgrounds that they are now offering. Like the mix of colors here – an old, distressed painted wall –

Cool backdrop – looks like one of my finishes! –

I LOVE my kids!

I can’t believe how they are growing up before my eyes.   You know, my blog is too….  at the end of this month my blog will be 1 year old!

Have a great day,  spread some Christmas Cheer!