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At The Fab, Paint Can Top Anything…

Love this time of year – the berry sprigs, pine needles, and snow tipped branches packed away, and blooming flowers take their place.  I arranged these pretty stems in a burlap container that I stenciled using our Postage Stamp Stencil and Caromal Colours Stencil Creme Mother Earth


This black metal vase turned patina easily, dragging Botanical Paint Aster, Moss and a little Gardenia.  No topcoat is required, as the Botanical Paints will stay put once dry,  but the finish will be chalky flat –  Fabulous_finishes_painted_chalk_clay_urn

A barn door was already crackled, easily achieved using  Elmers Glue and American Paint Company Navajo White.  I added a stamp stencil using Caromal Colours Stencil Creme Mother Earth


This frame, originally teal and zebra,  changed it’s look using Reclaim Nantucket Blue.  I applied a dimensional FISH BONES stencil using Texture Plaster, and stenciled a metallic crown, decorating it with Swarovski Crystals.   I found a fun lady-catches-big-fish picture to display, knowing it would appeal to one of our many cottage/boater customers.    It wasn’t around long…


This basket is original – a weave of grapevine and moss…  it holds plaster ornaments that I gilded, using several variegated patterns of leaf.


I acquired this pair of ‘fruit art’ from an estate sale.  They were horribly gaudy – painted goldish plastic resin.  I painted them with Caromal Textured Basecoat Candy Apple Red, to give them some ‘uummph’ ,  and then topped that with Reclaim Black Licorice.   I painted the fruit and leaves with our various metallic paints,  and  Caromal’s Antiquing Toner


Not something you see often…


We had several decorative wooden balls in house, in a state of boring brown… so easy to grab a couple paints and dry brush some color…

These springs are so fun,  I can’t believe they were an integral chair part of past…


Smaller shelf units, wooden stools, ladders, make great items to decorate with paint, and then display fun wares…  this one was painted with Caromal Textured Basecoat Pumpkin, Botanical Aster, and then stenciled with Caromal Stencil Creme Mother Earth.  

It already has found a new home 🙂

But what about the small window over the door?     I used one of our repeat medallion stencils (see the four parts?), and scraped our black plaster on-


and from the outside..


Which takes me to these pretty young things… This year’s door greeters –


I had these 2 urn planters from several Christmases ago.  Originally, they were single, prelit, pine ball topiary’s, in a resin urn.   That first year was a huge disappointment – the cords submerged in water, then froze over,  so you couldn’t even get to the wires to fix them.    I brought them to the store after Christmas, plucked the bad stuff out, and used them as decorative store displays…


They took up a lot of room though, and I wanted outdoor planters, so I decided to go BIG on these planters…

I found fake ‘tall boxwood topiary’s  and inserted them into the original pine balls,  making sure they were secure.   Then I went to work adding various flowers and foliage to each base.


The paint finish on the urns looked worn – I refreshed it using Caromal Textured Basecoat Paprika, dry brushing black and toner.  Once good and dry I applied a coat of Reclaim Indoor/Outdoor Sealer, since they will be outside.


The tops needed some whimsy,  I added wood twigs, and green sprigs, and bird nests, and bows… even a few little crystal thinga-majigs on wire…


Aren’t they fun?


The before frame


I used an oxidizing metal paint with a blue and green patina.  It blended so perfect with the photo…


Naturally old world worn looking…


Another frame I painted, this original was black – I dry brushed it with Caromal Textured Basecoat Cobblestone, Botanical Willow,  and Gardenia and decorated the inside with an Aged Paper Receipt


Different paints, different textures, different results… use them on their own, or mix them together like I did here –


This metal stand was raw bright tin, the paint warms it up


Stenciling more burlap containers…


Stenciling a stuffed mannequin,  painting tin tags…   both seem to come alive with paint –


This original vase was one of my own – a glossy greenish ceramic vase,  now vintage white, and home to a lovely bird house…


Our goal is to get you thinking outside the box… color outside the lines

Finishing these for a customer that could have, but just didn’t have the time or energy to do herself…

Reclaim Licorice Black

Reclaim Licorice Black

I just finished this one, part of a Dixie set I acquired several years ago.  I’ve been saving this one, not sure for what – maybe for just the right time…

I love the top – what was once formica is now a pretty wood grain-


Excellent storage, once more, a piece I’d love to take homedixie_chest_custom_painted_chalk_wood_grain


And lastly, a shout out to our daughter, who celebrated her 18th birthday this weekend


Time sure flies…    God bless all our children…


What do you have to paint?

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Taste of My Week, A Camera Trail…

Last night, out with friends, I noticed my girlfriend had over 2500 images on her Iphone.  Think about that,  2500 pictures!   Every day we have customers pulling out their phones or Ipads,   showing us a project they completed using our products


a photo of our customers recent island re-do using Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Cobblestone, and Toner

or photos of inspiration

I want my kitchen cabinets to look like this…


and the classic

I want to paint this …


Often, they can’t find the photo they want to show us – they swipe, and swipe, and swipe through all these tiny images – a rewind into their past


That’s how I felt this weekend, loading up my camera SD card – it was a pictorial rewind of my week

Finished this –


Ash over APC Gunpowder, crackled. Top, sanded, stained.

Created some accessories…





I really liked the color of this metal container – it was black to start with and I drybrushed several greens and neutrals over it – might have to try that on something bigger…

DSC_1495 [1600x1200]

A green glossy ceramic pot (I changed the finish to a white and grey glazed crackle)  in need of a fresh plant that I didn’t have (nor want, because anything alive won’t last around me)…  how do you stage it?   I found that this container fit it just right –  it’s priced separately…


Rolled this one out to the floor as well  – I used Caromal Colours Reclaim Offwhite, brushed on and glazed with toner.


The inside was backed with our lovely aged Botanical papers (coming to our online shopping cart soon!)


The insides of the upper and lower cabinets and drawers were stained to bring them back to life, but the sides of the drawers got a splash of color – actually   I used three of our custom tints   – Groovy Green, Killer Khaki and Trendy Truffle and stenciled randomly, using black and white stencil cremes


I freshened up  the original hardware using Reclaim Mocha, a darkened bronze, and black glaze


I always find a way to add a touch of Swarovski



I  just love this hardware….


Ate WAY too many of these this week,  tasteless yet addicting…


More camera lovin –





I stenciled these tall lamps that arrived –





unboxed a few others


I love this one…






Using our paints and finishes to create a new work of art



Finally painting the phone booth I acquired from an estate sale last summer… Originally red, we’re taking it blue


in honor of WHO?       I had no clue who Dr. Who was, but several suggested, after seeing the phone booth, that if we painted it  blue they would buy it…


Lastly,  these decorative resin/stone finals got dressed up with some new variegated leaf that I was trying out –


Aren’t they pretty?



My goal this week – taxes.

Ba   hahhahahahahhaaaaaaa….


need paint?

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We realize that people that WANT to create don’t have our cool paints offered in their neck of the woods – if this describes you, please do us a favor and check out our online store – we strive to offer everything we can that will make your creating an easy and fun process. Our customers from a far are just as important as our local customers – when you shop with us we will be committed to helping you every step of the way.

Bacon Szalonna Fry – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

This post of mine, almost two years ago –

A Hungarian Tradition – Bacon(Szalonna) Fry

When I was little, I remember every year we would gather around a fire pit, and my parents and relatives (and us kids) would stick chunks of bacon on a stick, roast it over the fire, and catch the grease drippings onto a piece of fresh rye bread that sat on a plate at your feet, on which was piled chopped peppers, onions and tomatoes…

has had tremendous response – others sharing wonderful memories of their family traditions.  It’s been so much fun,  reading all the stories,  that I suggested starting a post to share photos as well.   I have a couple frys I was able to pull off an external drive – the rest are packed away in bins awaiting our move.  These are  back to back summer bacon frys –  2001 and 2002 –

One of my favorite comments from Dan Schmitzer-

 It may take me a week to read everything here but it’s very exciting! It feels like I have been wandering around in a world of people who had no idea what i was talking about, then BLAM! I find my tribe!   And they are all speaking my language!

Kenneth Kapasi shares these photos-

July 3rd, 2011 – Ken Kapasi shares photos celebrating his mom’s 80th birthday –

bacon fry Canadian Hungarian style 🙂

Thanks for sharing those Ken!

A Hungarian Tradition – Bacon(Szalonna) Fry

When I was little, I remember every year we would gather around a fire pit, and my parents and relatives (and us kids) would stick chunks of bacon on a stick, roast it over the fire, and catch the grease drippings onto a piece of fresh rye bread that sat on a plate at your feet, on which was piled chopped peppers, onions and tomatoes.

What?  You say?

We didn’t call it “Frying Bacon”  – we called it “Shoot Sullinaw”  (my mom, or any other fellow Hungarian,  is going to probably fall off their chair laughing at that translation).   I googled and found that SZALONNA is the Hungarian word for bacon.   I can’t figure out why we said ‘shoot’  Szalonna…  I’ll have to ask my mom about that…

DSC_6734 [Desktop Resolution]

Here we are, a couple weeks ago, at my parents for the annual Bacon Fry.    Wikipedia offers an excellent description of Szalonna and the Hungarian tradition –

In the traditional gypsy-style. szalonna is skewered on a rod (or preferably, a freshly cut stick from a cherry, apple or other fruit tree) and roasted over an open fire pit or narrow container allowing the fire to heat to extremely hot temperatures. A wood fire is best(hardwood) for additional flavor, although hardwood charcoal (not briquets) is acceptable. Once it starts to sizzle and drip with grease, the szalonna is removed from the fire and the grease is allowed to drip onto a slice of freshly baked bread. The szalonna is returned to the fire and the process is repeated until the piece of bread is nearly saturated with grease.

Sliced cucumber, red onion, green peppers, sliced radishes, paprika, other vegetables, ground pepper, and salt are used to add flavor to the slice of bread, and then more drippings are followed to top it off. Periodically, the charred remains are scraped off of the szalonna and are used as an additional topping. This dish was considered to be a peasants’ food since the most important aspect was the fat, discarded by wealthier Hungarians.

DSC_6730 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_6731 [Desktop Resolution]My cousin’s bag –


While googling I found another heartfelt post from a blogger Patti Ewald titled Nothing Tastes Better Than A Fond Memory.  It described my family… it describes where we are now… my mom wants to nix the bacon frying tradition.  It’s too much work,  and only a couple even fry bacon anymore. (like Patti mentions,  the ‘evils’ of all that grease….)   I think what we are really yearning for is just a purpose to get together.  An annual SOMETHING, so that everyone can make time to come and be together, and enjoy each others company –


Dad playing cornhole…

Me, getting ready for dessert!

Me, getting ready for dessert..

A magical photo –

Jenna and Julia on the float

Jenna and Julia on the float

Can you spread out any more?

they played all afternoon in the sand...

they played all afternoon in the sand…

DSC_6823 [Desktop Resolution]

Three generations in one photo...

Three generations in one photo…



... and fireflies

… and fireflies

it can’t get much better than this –

can't get much better than this!

As an after note, two years later, I’d added a photo post –