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Bronzing A Fireplace Mantel and A Brass Doors Insert

These  two pair well together –

A mantel, base painted Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Peppercorn


over that, a blend of metallic bronzes



topped off with Black Glaze


topped off with a little sparkle


Love this color for mantels – would look good in any room, don’t you think?


Oops! Almost forgot –  want to see the before?  See that crazy shrimp colored

F A U X marbled thing

tucked behind that gorgeous buffet?


Oh geez, louise…..


Way better.


This next one –   we’ve all seen one of these before right?


They are worthy of updating, after all,  replacing isn’t that easy – most are custom fit.   I painted these for a client, and will say they would have been easier to paint hung.    Clean the surface well, tape off the glass, and then brush /roll one coat of Reclaim Licorice (black)


Let it dry, sand to remove any imperfections, and apply one more coat


Again, feel the surface for any imperfections –  light sand with a fine grit paper to remove.     Apply a metallic, brushing on thin coats until fully covered.


A black glaze, over the dried metallic finish, adds depth.


Lastly,  once the finish is good and dry, apply several coats of a hard topcoat for protection.  I used Minwax Wipe On Poly, Satin (oil based)


You could refinish yours with an eight ounce licorice, an eight ounce metallic blend,  an eight ounce black glaze,  a can of poly, and a brush.  About seventy-five bucks to replace the doors yourself.   And you’d even have some left to do a few other things laying around the house 🙂

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