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Good Tip To Save Your Fingernails…

… Before painting, scrubbing the oven, or digging in any dirt, scrape some soap from a wet bar of soap under and around your fingernails..

this will prevent other things from getting under your nails..this is a hint for people who start out using rubber gloves or garden gloves, and then pull them off half way through the job.

Anyone ever try this?


My Pretty Thomasville Dresser Is Finally Painted Perfectly!

Oh this is going to be a long one, for this  dresser has quite a painty history…

It started as this,  a dresser is a dresser is a dresser, even if it IS a lovely Thomasville dresser, in excellent condition

In April I received a new CeCe Caldwell Color, Traverse City Cherry, a really pretty red, and decided to use it on this piece

My thought was to treat the front panels differently, that by doing so I could take this piece to new uses rather than

just a dresser…

I posted about this first Traverse City Cherry makeover here  , in a nutshell it went like this

Nope. not quite right…

Much better.   It is topcoated with their Ce Ce Caldwell Aging Wax Dark, which gives it that perfect rich red…

It was complete, and got many a compliments, but after I lived with it awhile it started to bother me – something just wasn’t right…

I thought, maybe too much red,  so I redid the top, to match the front panels, but that didn’t do it.    It needed a new color,  another new one I’d just gotten it – Cinco Bayou Moss.  My inspiration was that sample piece of wood propped in front,  Cinco Bayou Moss over Vermont Slate, wiped back and aged with the dark wax

I took off all the crystal ball knobs and brought back the original Thomasville hardware, then painted over the red with Cinco Bayou –

Here, I’m impatiently applying the Dark Aging Wax –  I want to see the results and the rest of the piece is not even finished!  Look how much that wax riches the color –

I loved the Cinco but I wasn’t loving it over the red  as much as over the black (like my sample).     I also decided it needed some bling and introduced 3 crystal knobs which had brass backs – the brass matched the original hardware perfectly

but then I didn’t like the handles with it – they seemed to blah… (does this sound like a Dr. Seuss book?)    I got out my Swarovski crystals and glued some onto the handles, trying to balance them with the pretty center knobs

I was liking that better, but now, even though I loved the color, it was just blending in too much and…. well,

it wasn’t quite doing it for me..

You thought I was fooling,  the sides REALLY weren’t done, nor was the right foot, and I was trying to figure out the final finish!

A client suggested dressing up its feet –  I LOVED this idea, and did them AND the corners, in a metallic blend to match the textured panels

of course I had to add another crystal 🙂    I was really starting to like this

Feet deserve bling too …

I liked it,  alot…  but what I really wished was that the red had been black…  Instead,  I grabbed my black glaze and gave the piece a quick brush on/wipe off


Do you see the bottom band is still unglazed?  See the difference?  It needed black, I knew it!   The funny is,  I was in the store by myself when I was brushing on the glaze, and I actually was out loud verbal in my excitement when I saw the result

It is absolutely perfect now, my new favorite piece, as they all end up becoming…

Perfectly painted.  Perfectly custom.  Perfectly one of a kind.  Quite handsome.

And available, for a short time…  that is, until someone swoops him up.

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Time To Pull Out The Halloween Blow-Ups… Stacking Pumpkins

Time to get Mr. Glow-nads out-


It’s October 6th!!!!  Do you do anything special?

There are so many cool decorations out there –

My brother sets up a coffin in his front yard, and lays in it Halloween night to scare the treaters  (that isn’t him below)-


My sister bought a life-size Freddy that she stands up in her foyer every year-

We don’t have scary, we just have a bunch of blow ups –

The weather forecast for this weekend looks to be fabulous –  70’s and sunny –  perfect for setting up the ‘guys’.

I did pull out my fall wreath that I updated last year, with gilded pumpkins-

Even though I sprayed them with a poly last year, they encountered a little bit of weathered wear-

Today I was working for a client that must LOVE this time of year,  I could tell-

WWe know how I LOVE spiders  ….this guy was huge and freaked me out!

I stopped on way home and bought some pumpkins for the front porch….  pumpkins led to stacking gourds and corn stalks….

Aren’t these colorfully, wonderfully, perfectly awesome?

Okey, I’ll fess up –  I got the idea from my client –


but I’m certain she would take that as a compliment !

The blowups will complete the scene –   Mr. Husband,  drop the attic ladder!




Outdoor Decor Ideas – Taking Caromal Colours Outside…

Carol and Al Kemery, owners of Caromal Colours, recently shared some fun project ideas for taking Caromal Colours outside the house

Watch Carol’s appearance on the 10! Philadelphia News Show as she shows you how to brighten your garden with color and add a touch of elegance or whimsy with some simple designs and the Textured Basecoats.  Don’t be afraid to paint wahtever you have around your house or garage, remember the Basecoats stick to just about any surface!  So have fun – just remember to topcoat your pieces to protect them from the elements.  Use your favorite polyurethane or their personal favorite, Liberon Wax.


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