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Who knows what you’ll find!

New Round of Gift With Purchase Stencils Have Arrived!

After getting some feedback from you guys,  this new round of stencils just arrived  –


I’ve got to put together the rest of the bag,  will most likely include a stencil brush, small paint pot, small texture pot, scraper, instructions, similar to what I’ve offered prior




DSC_0269DSC_0276DSC_0270DSC_0274DSC_0267DSC_0273Gift is with any purchase of $125 or more

(before tax/shipping)

I will be working on setting  up a ‘choices’  area in checkout, where you can select your stencil preference  (while available).  In the mean time, if you order and DONT see an option box, let me know your selection preference in our Comments/Notes area.

Otherwise, I get to pick!

Lastly, for those that will ask,  no, I am not selling the stencils  individually, but I will be adding the Gift Bag as an option to buy, in case you’d like to give it as a gift to your special someone.

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Freshening Up The Online Store, Need Your Input…

Instead of sitting on a Sunday afternoon, fretting over which stencil phrase to order for gift bags   (because trust me, I AM going back and forth, back and forth, and the clock keeps ticking….)  I thought I’d ask YOU.   After all,  you guys are the ones that will ultimately be on the receiving end, right?

I cooked up these gift bags a while back, with orders of $125 or more – a way to bless you back for blessing me with business.     The original  gift included  a stencil, a stencil brush, and a sampler pot of one of the awesome paints I offer

This was another,  several stencils to choose from

and included  a sampler of one of paint, a stencil, a small card scraper, and a thicker metallic medium to create a raised dimensional stencil

The ‘what goes in a bag’ is no issue,  I can think that up,  but I am wondering about what stencil saying I should order.      I know this –  the  grateful, thankful blessed  is by far the most requested, and I’ll be ordering more

But I like having options, especially for those that already received the grateful/thankful/blessed.   It got me thinking…



Customers liked my personal sign as well, but it would be too big


I want to order these later this week and would love some feedback, I’ll be ordering three designs, the grateful/thankful/blessed and two others…

Will you help me choose?


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Random Painted Things – Are You Inspired?

Off the camera, shared in a post, then on to the storage stick!


American Paint Spacious Skies, stencil in purples and gold, with APC dark wax.  Added beaded gold trim.


A happy customer brought in these wares that she prettied up, with various CeCe Caldwell and American Paint Company chalk/clay paints

DSC_2853 DSC_2855 DSC_2856 DSC_2858


American Paint Plymouth Rock (lovin this color – it shadows fab) over American Paint Desert Cactus – stenciled using APC Firecracker Red, CeCe Vermont Slate and APC Navajo White


Lorene used Caromal Colours textured basecoats  Bayberry and Parchment with Toner  on these old oak tables  ScreenHunter_18 Jun. 06 12.54ScreenHunter_20 Jun. 06 12.55ScreenHunter_19 Jun. 06 12.55


Caromal Textured Basecoat Parchment over Chocolate, with Toner


Home Plate over Dollar Bill, cracked with glue, topped with Liberon Medium Oak


Parchment over Chocolate, Toned


Caromal Mustard over Parchment, with Toner


old oldy moldy chair – drybrushed with APC Surfboard, and a teeny bit of CeCe Omaha Ochre

DSC_3126 DSC_3130


Caromal Textured Basecoat Mustard over Chocolate, with Toner


Stenciled seat using Toner



Gold Frames originally…. used elmers glue then black chalk/clay paint – can use APC Lincoln’s Hat or CeCe Beckley Coal – both lucious – watched it crack as it dreid, then sealed with Topcoat Finish.



Mirror was based in Chocolate textured basecoat, then covered in bronze metallic, then dry brushed with CeCe Santa Fe Turquoise. Sanded back and Liberon Wax’d with Medium Oak.


Originally a black frame with bronze highlight. I added elmers glue and some APC Surfboard, let it crack over the black, then sealed it with Liberon Medium Oak. Swapped out the cardboard and put a cutting of an old wall finish sample 🙂


Love these colors this time of year – these were with CeCe Santa Fe Turquoise, the left one painted more solid, the right (bird) just dry brushed…



… and tried crackling the chalk/clay paints on a lamp shade and – it worked! Added a stencil and topped it with one our new magnet blings.



APC Freedom Road, Shining Seas, Fireworks Red, Navajo White



Used CeCe Pittsburgh Gray on the base, then jazzed it up with stencils and various chalk and clay paints by CeCe and American Paint.



Hoping it will be a perfect fit in some child’s play room, a vintage Remington Rand piece, found in schools and libraries.

and for  a fun ending,  these child chairs –   APC First Lady and APC Denim Blue


I added strips with APC Navajo White ,  then took a flat wax that I have and bladed that through a crown stencil, then sprinkled with glitter.  The glitter will stick nicely in that flat wax.   Still needed something so I added a skirting of a beaded trim –    LOVE!

DSC_2827 DSC_2828 DSC_2829

We offered customization – adding your child’s initials –  the pink one sold


the gentleman is still in the house…


His sides were painted with a metallic silver




I hope I’ve inspired you to want to go paint something of your own!  Honest,  YOU CAN DO THIS!   You can use these paints, it’s not rocket science.   We send simple instructions with all our online orders –  what’s stopping you?


Just do it!  Let that little kid inside of you out again,   you’ll thank me later – honest!


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Sharing Customer’s Painted Before and Afters…

Lets start with Charlene…

… wanted to share some pics of a recent armoire that I finished in the Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat  Candy Apple Red.  I have been dying to try it since I saw your post about it last year.  I think it turned out well.   thanks again for all the inspiration…



after,   S  I  G  H h h h  h h h……


Erin’s piece is a lovely hutch transformation –

  I just finished this china cabinet done in CeCe slate grey and clear wax! I basecoated in Caromal peppercorn.  I painted the hardware.  I have no idea how to paint hardware without using spray paint so I totally experimented.  They’re painted in basecoat caromal peppercorn, the top coat cast bronze metallic from martha stewart.  I also clear waxed them.  Have a great day!  Painting is my therapy…love all your great teaching!



Lovely!!!!  Erin is originally from Shelby Twp, my home town, but now resides, raising a family AND painting yummy pieces (for sale) on the Western side of Michigan – check her out Lucky Star Lane –



MaryLee finished this great pie chest using CeCe Caldwell Alaskan Tundra Green.

… really like the way it turned out and it looks better in person.  You will be hearing from me again when it warms up up a bit.  Love these paints and all the personal  attention…

ScreenHunter_120 Jan. 26 01.08

Amy used Caromal Colours Textured Baseocat Parchment, on the base of this table, with Caromal Toner over top – it rocks!


I love seeing these transformations using these wonderful paints we promote-  it’s confirmation that they really DO create  magnificent pieces!

only a ½ mile north !

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