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American Paint Company Arrival, Where Do I Begin?

I’m  on overload, so much to share, and I can only do one post at a time!

I could start with the Drexel bedroom suite that I just completed for a dear client


or the transformation of this street side dresser, that I turned into our American Paint Company display


or an in depth look at the colors…


Then again, I’ve got fabulous recent workshop creations to share …


and this little shelving unit combining Caromal Colours textured basecoats and American Paint Company’s Plymouth Rock


or transforming this plaster piece using APC paints and Liberon Wax…



or the process of transforming this decorative table


to this


or this fireplace using Ce Ce Caldwell AND American Paint Company colors…


or this little guy, another damaged top, and her makeover using APC Surfboard, Mamma’s Lipstick and the Vintage Dark Wax


No, I think we need to start with  American Paint Company Colors and how it compares to our other clay/chalk/mineral paints


Check back for my post, later today, where I’ll take you through the new colors of American Paint, and my experience thus far


As a side note, I have a happy and a sad to share –  on a good note, this week my hubster and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. He surprised me with the most thoughtful necklace ,  my logo

DSC_2397 (Large)

I  can’t believe I’ve been married 20 years…  I feel old now!

On a sad,  the next I found myself home from work, only to find my favorite furry buddy – Bruno – very sick and in distress.  He’s been battling kidney/crystals issues for a number of years now, and two months ago he had a pretty bad bout that landed him in the vet hospital for a stay.    He wasn’t 100% when he came home, but he seemed to be getting better daily – so I wasn’t expecting him in such a state.

It’s a horrible feeling – staring at your sick pet knowing that the outcome this time is not going to be favorable.     They put him out of his misery, and it broke our hearts.  His brother, Sebastian remains – I wonder how bad it will be for him. I feel guilty because I wish he was Bruno.

The best Ocicat ever,  Bruno, I  will miss you terribly


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Paint Delays, Mail Misfortunes, And Sick Cats…

Can it get any more discombobulated?    Uggggggh!


We need paint, bad!  This whole month we’ve been struggling, trying to keep track of partial and backordered orders of Caromal Colours products – mostly Reclaim, but some Textured Basecoat colors too ,like the red’s and blues and chocolate…     It makes for an accounting nightmare…


We have been doing our best to keep track of each and every order, sending out updates when we receive them from the manufacturer, but this just sucks.   It would almost be easier to turn everything off until stock is back, but the problem with that is,  placed orders are guaranteed paint when it becomes available – so we’re trudging along…


more like this


We are told Reclaim should be stocked within the week, and then the focus will be on  the Textured Basecoats.   AMEN!!!!!!!    Life is so much easier when we are stocked full of paints!

While we’re talking about frusturations –


this last week we revised our email and quick books accounting to accommodate multiple computers,  for a more efficient operation.  I made an attempt to update it myself and had it blow up in my face, so I  UNDID what I did, and called in Techworx , a local company that specializes in updating business systems.  I never realized how much I rely on my mail communication – at one point my outlook mailbox was overrun by my google, and it was showing thousands of emails –


Nice, huh? Not…..  Numerous phone calls later to Aaron over at Techworx, and we were back in business.

Have we said yet, all we want to do is paint?   Still working on this bedroom suite for a client …   She is being very patient (thank you!)  while I work to complete the bed, dresser, mirror and two nightstands, previously black, now CeCe Vintage White (cut with some Simply White)…   I can’t wait to show you the final photos -I’m working on antique silver’ing the accent trim on this, and it is going to be perfect!


and for some original fun, I added mercury glass knobs (drilled holes) on the tops of each bed post…


Also about PAINT –

In the next week or so we’ll be introducing you to this line of  clay/chalk/mineral paint –


Oh lordie, WHY you ask?  I’ve always been an ‘options’ girl – I think it comes from my 8 years in faux finishing-  great products that fit different needs.    I love my CeCe Caldwell paints,  I love my Caromal paints – and I love what American Paint has to offer…    We’ll see 20 new colors including


And already-tinted-with-pigment light and dark wax –   perfect!

Recently – I had this old coffee table that I turned checkerboard, using Caromal Textured Basecoats and Toner…


I painted a chess set box that I acquired – not the pieces, those are ceramic – just the box, and displayed it with the table


Who needs a casual game table for their family room?


This serving tray got a weathered metallic silver finish, not as refined as our usual metallics which go over a base coat of Caromal Reclaim Mocha –   this is metallic over A CeCe paint, Seattle Mist to be specific.  After the paint dries,  apply the Dark Aging Creme to dirty it up




A new round of signs –




I love the wood signs – any time I hear chuckling in the store I know it’s someone reading and relating to a sign


And we’ll wrap with cat issues…


Our Ocicat Bruno is pretty sick – two nights in a row we had him at the vet hospital – thought our 90 lb brute dog might have stomped (accidentally)  his leg, but it ended up being a UTI, and kidney infection.  He wasn’t stepped on, he was just frail from not eating and drinking for who knows how long… last night we left him at the hospital so they could make him better.  Not looking forward to that vet bill, but hopefully he gets better quick!

Makeover photos tomorrow!

Carrie Caromal’s Her Coffee And End Tables…


  Hi!  I have a couple of questions. I have a coffee table and two end tables just like the table you did in your shop. 

Warning: Before painting clean surface and remove small children 🙂

It is the one with the wisteria bottom and the top is a blend of colonial blue, bayberry, putty, and parchment.  My question is:  my coffee table is black with a dark walnut top. How many coats do you think it will to cover the black and do I need to sand in between each coat?  I ordered all of the colors in the textured base coat line and have two coats of wisteria on and I can still see black through it.  Is this normal. I have enclosed a picture of what I am talking about.    Thank you so much.  I am excited to see how this project turns out!!!!    Carrie

Hi Carrie,

… Okey – so you’re table is dark  –  if you look at my finish, you can see some of the wood color coming through – yours could come through but just be darker…

If you want most of your dark color covered  then you might need 2 layers of dragging those colors –  and no, I wouldn’t sand in between – no need to… just paint it thinner…  

I love your table props!     My bottom was white to start with….   you’ll need more wisteria on your bottom –   brush another full coat of wisteria over that base – don’t water it down…  you should be white then…. 

  I got all three tables done and they are holding up great!!  People are so impressed and I have been recommending your website and paint.  I am including a couple of pictures of the finished project. 

Thanks again for your help,


Love them Carrie!

Thank you for sharing your project!

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Accent Table Just Needs A Topcoat…

Getting there….

I’m thankful for clients that  haven’t called wondering where their table is 🙂

After all, good things come to those that wait, right?

It would have been a faster process but the client wanted the color in the same family as this other piece of furniture she had,  took me numerous attempts to create custom color blends to get it close –

All it needs is a topcoat…

Think she’ll like?

This is when I  think, 

I wish I had a quaint little store where I could pitter putter all day letting my creativity loose …   Clients could visit to pickup their pieces, while window shoppers pop in to purchased finished store items.  Workshops regularly scheduled, Caromal paints on shelves for purchase……


 Sigh….  I don’t have the money to chase that dream…  back to updating the resume…