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Paint Your Oak Cabinets? These Customers Did! And A MUST SEE Brick Fireplace Too…

My last post I shared a bunch of before and afters, from customer’s paint projects.   If you’ve been considering a project of your own,  this last round could move you to action…

Hi Patty,  After reading your blog post, I realized I didn’t send you my bathroom cabinet pictures. I had the blah honey oak cabinet in there …


and painted it with the Caromal Colour’s Reclaim Pewter paint, and used Caromal Creme Glaze with the APC Pewter Mica added in. OMG. It’s gorgeous!



The pictures don’t really do it justice. There is the neatest sheen to the cabinet and with the counter and the walls, it looks amazing. Love it!


I seriously can’t thank you enough for your patience and guidance when I come in to your store. I’m so glad I found you.  Enjoy your day!  Michelle


Love this color!!!!  I did a sample door at the store with this combo, and loved it, and others are loving it too –  I’m  thrilled to see it in action!  Great pic Michelle!

This one will wow you for sure –   I got Sue to share her pictures because we ALL need to see just how much impact a little bit of paint can make….   here’s the before


Now,  the after   (are you sitting down ?)

caromal colours textured basecoat paint, patty henning, fabulous finishes

I think this is my favorite transformation to date…  They used Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat paint –  Parchment with Glaze for the mains, and Chocolate for the accent cabinets over the sink – how perfect was that idea?


Sue’s husband added moulding to the top of the uppers, raw, and painted it as well, accenting both colors – again, brilliant!


Love their choice of counters -they stained those – the hardware is perfect…. the farm sink and custom lower ruffled fabric …

caromal colours textured basecoat paint and glaze, fabulous finishes shop online, metro detroit

They tiled their own backsplash too.   Is this not like right out of a magazine?

Seriously people,  YOU can do it!


And one more – Kitchen Cabinet Fabulousness:

Patty-  After weeks of having my kitchen in a complete mess I am proud to send you the before and after pictures of a project that I wish I would have completed years ago. I want to personally thank you for doing a little hand-holding during this process also. We are wanting to sell our house and any kind of ‘upgrades’ needed to be inexpensive, thus I needed to work around the green and white subway tile and green, yes green formica countertops. The  suggestions and samples you sent were spot on and I LOVE IT!

yvette kitchen redo (1)  yvette kitchen redo (2)

yvette kitchen redo (3)

I had used Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat before and was familiar with that product but this was my first experience with their Reclaim paint. The Reclaim paint is like a mayonnaise consistency that is easy to apply. The gallon price could be a little intimidating, but it does EXACTLY what you’ve explained it to do in your videos and pictures posted.


yvette kitchen redo (4)

I have a gally kitchen with 35 cabinets including a pantry door and that gallon gave me 2 coats on the inside doors and 3 for the outside with just a smidge left for touchups. PERFECT!

yvette kitchen redo (5)

The glazes used were a clear coat and licorice mixed together from two 16oz containers of each (although I think it’s a bit less than 16). I have virtually none of the glaze mix left.

yvette kitchen redo (6)

Even though the Reclaim line has a built-in sealer, I top-coated with a minwax sealer at least 2x for all those cabinets that would get handled a ton or water potentially on them from the sink. All in all, it’s AMAZING what a little paint and forethought can get you! The only thing I would have done differently was to add beadboard to the ends of exposed cabinets, but what’s the likelihood that both big-box lumber stores saw was broken the day I was needing the boards cut–oh well, it doesn’t look too bad!

yvette kitchen redo (7)

 Enjoy the pictures. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the outcome and will continue to be a purchaser of your product lines. I appreciate as a consumer, all the useful information that you provide via your blog and would recommend subscribing. LOVE THOSE PAINTS!    A million thanks!!   Yvette

If Oak Cabinets are not your forte, how about



Good Morning Patty,  First off – Thank you very much for helping pick out the paint colors for this project.  Here are the pics of the fireplace I painted with the American Paint Company’s paint I purchased from your store.   The Before:


1st coat – watered down sample size of Lowe’s Valspar ‘Cathedral Stone’ to give the brick a wash of gray color

Additional coats –
  American Paint Company – Plymouth Rock, Smoke Signal, Freedom Road
  Lowes Valspar samples – 3 different grays – from the Olympic Paint card


Each brick was individually painted.  I basically put all six colors on a paper plate, then dipped different parts of the brush into different colors then into water, tapping out the excess and smushed the brush into the brick in a dabbing, random motion.

painting mantel mantle

fire-1d-beforeIf it got too blotchy, I went back over it with water to smear the colors.  I kept building up the coats until I was satisifed with the coverage and pattern.  Mixing the latex paint with the clay paint, I think, really gave it more of a ‘brick’ feel/texture. 

painting brick, american paint company chalk clay ,mineral


I have not sealed it yet since I am still deciding what to do with the mortar (some of the paint got on the mortar as you can see in some of the pics.)

 The mantel is done in American Paint Co Freedom Road.

APC Freedom Road, coupon code PattyH5

shop online

Again, thank you for your help and have a great day.  Colleen

Love all of these projects,  thank you for sharing with me so I can share them for everyone else!







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Pretty Silver Leafed Cabinets…

I love this pair of chairs I silver leafed-

I’ve yet to leaf a bathroom vanity, but I’d love the opportunity (not sure where I pulled this photo from)

I adore these pieces from Italian craftier Lineatre

 Isn’t that the most romantic tub?

It looks like a golden metallic plaster troweled on the walls

Every piece of furniture is silver leafed, even the toilet seat!    I love it all!   Do you have any pieces you’d like leafed?  Hire me :),   or sign up for a workshop at my store and I’ll show you how to do it yourself

A Vanity Goes Lucious Silver, With A Glaze…

Fun job- vanity cabinet revamp…

Client’s wishes?  A soft, romantic silver glazed finish…

 I first gave the cabinet a basecoat of Caromal Colours Reclaim Mocha –  a dark brown paint that sticks to almost any surface, ( it has a built in primer) – then applied a mix of Modern Masters Metallic Silver and Warm Silver paint

the final finish- over the custom silver basecoat I applied a toning glaze, then a topcoat for protection

such a pretty, romantic finish…

Lovely ending – not a difficult finish, but one that requires steps/layers – and each needs to dry…

but I enjoyed this client’s company, and was sad to finish!

Silver Glaze Spiffing Of Some White Trimwork…

I posted about this bathroom late last year –

I did a cool finish on the ceiling, and also jazzed up the white trim detail that boxed in the tub.

I started with two basecoats of Modern Masters Silver Metallic Paint and let it dry over night.

I glazed it with a custom mix of brown and gold glazes… mica powder and a touch of Blue Pearl wall leaf for extra measure-

Much nicer!