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Painted Cabinet, (Country)Barn Red and Vintage (Velvet) Yellow

American Paint Company, our all natural chalk and clay paint line, offers a main line of colors, available in samples (4 ounce) and quarts

new apc fall 2014

Along with the main deck, they have a Limited Edition collection of twelve  ‘test the market colors’.  Those are offered in samples (4 ounce) and pints.  Later on, it will be determined which colors were popular/unpopular, and they’ll absorb the ‘YAY’ colors into the main deck, and say goodbye to the ‘NAY’ colors that pooped out…


I felt an instant love for the Country Barn and Vintage Velvet, two colors I’ve had available in our other paint lines, but not in chalk/clay paint form.  I wanted to use them first.  The perfect piece –


I used APC Country Barn, APC Vintage Velvet, and some APC Shag Carpet (orange) , all dumped on the same plateapc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0002

and applied a first coat



On the two oval door front panels I used our Aged Papers design sps303 and sps304 and adhered them with our Satin Sealer.   When they dried I blurred the hard edge using Perfect Plaster – then painted the whole piece  with APC Vintage Velvet,  and a little bit of APC Waistcoat blended in.


apc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0009.jpgI painted the inside a soft pale buttery yellow – a color  I arrived at by mixing Botanical Gardenia (soft creme) and Botanical Dandelion


painted the mutton bars with a shimmery creamy metallic finish (achieved by mixing several colors together) , and topped off with fine glitter powder, blown on,  for extra shimmer.  It’s subtle, but you can catch a glimpse of shimmer through the glass –


I sanded to refine the outer finish, revealing pops of that pretty Country Barn red underneath…  When I was satisfied, I applied American Paint’s Vintage Clear Wax (fab fab fabulous!!) to seal up the paint.  In this photo you can see the one side that isn’t waxed…apc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0010If you haven’t used American Paint Company’s Wax,  you are missing out.   I think  I’ve used most waxes out there – Paste wax, A Sloan wax,  Beeswax,  Fiddes, Liberon…    APC’s is soft, light, free of any smells or solvents, glides on with ease, dries fast, and buffs to a lovely sheen.   While it doesn’t offer a super rock hard finish, it does offer the protection of a waxed furniture finish-apc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0011 apc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0012

Inside the cupboard –  so soft like sweet butter, compliments the eye-catching color on the outside – a perfect marriage.



I gave the inside drawers and cabinet a fresh coat of stain…


I love this original hardware – pretty left as is..


Because I can’t help myself, I did add a few Swarovki to the handles 🙂


Stained the back, not a necessity, but I like to completely finish my pieces –


Amazing, how much depth there is in the finish – it’s what I love about APC’s products…


apc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0026 apc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0027

That color warrants attention, don’t you think?

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