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Painted Cabinet, (Country)Barn Red and Vintage (Velvet) Yellow

American Paint Company, our all natural chalk and clay paint line, offers a main line of colors, available in samples (4 ounce) and quarts

new apc fall 2014

Along with the main deck, they have a Limited Edition collection of twelve  ‘test the market colors’.  Those are offered in samples (4 ounce) and pints.  Later on, it will be determined which colors were popular/unpopular, and they’ll absorb the ‘YAY’ colors into the main deck, and say goodbye to the ‘NAY’ colors that pooped out…


I felt an instant love for the Country Barn and Vintage Velvet, two colors I’ve had available in our other paint lines, but not in chalk/clay paint form.  I wanted to use them first.  The perfect piece –


I used APC Country Barn, APC Vintage Velvet, and some APC Shag Carpet (orange) , all dumped on the same plateapc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0002

and applied a first coat



On the two oval door front panels I used our Aged Papers design sps303 and sps304 and adhered them with Reclaim Sealer,    When they dried I blurred the hard edge using Perfect Plaster – then painted the whole piece  with APC Vintage Velvet,  and a little bit of APC Waistcoat blended in.

If you want to learn more about how I like to use Aged Papers, head over to the VIDEOS page and watch our TV Episode #5 .

apc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0008.jpg SPS304 is available in our online store, sps303 has not been added yet, but we’re working on it.  We’ve got about 1/3 left of the papers to catalog online


sps303 Aged Paper Music Sheets


sps304 Aged Paper Music Sheet

apc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0009.jpgI painted the inside a soft pale buttery yellow – a color  I arrived at by mixing Botanical Gardenia (soft creme) and Botanical Dandelion


I prefer using Reclaim or Botanical or Cottage Paints INSIDE things, because it can be left as is once dry.   If I used chalk/clay paint I’d be inclined to properly topcoat before moving on….

Once the inside got a soft coating of color, I worked on the mutton bars.  They were based with Reclaim, then painted with a shimmery creamy metallic finish (achieved by mixing several colors together) , and topped off with fine glitter powder, blown on,  for extra shimmer.  It’s subtle, but you can catch a glimpse of shimmer through the glass –


I sanded to refine the outer finish, revealing pops of that pretty Country Barn red underneath…  When I was satisfied, I applied American Paint’s Vintage Clear Wax (fab fab fabulous!!) to seal up the paint.  In this photo you can see the one side that isn’t waxed…apc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0010

If you haven’t used American Paint Company’s Wax,  you are missing out.   I think  I’ve used most waxes out there – Paste wax, A Sloan wax,  Beeswax,  Fiddes, Liberon…    APC’s is soft, light, free of any smells or solvents, glides on with ease, dries fast, and buffs to a lovely sheen.   While it doesn’t offer a super rock hard finish, it does offer the protection of a waxed furniture finish-apc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0011 apc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0012

Inside the cupboard –  so soft like sweet butter, compliments the eye-catching color on the outside – a perfect marriage.



I gave the inside drawers and cabinet a fresh coat of stain…


I love this original hardware – pretty left as is..


Because I can’t help myself, I did add a few Swarovki to the handles 🙂


Stained the back, not a necessity, but I like to completely finish my pieces –


Amazing, how much depth there is in the finish – it’s what I love about APC’s products…


apc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0026 apc_country_barn_vintage_velvet_chalk_clay_wax_aged_papers0027

That color warrants attention, don’t you think?


If I had room at home….


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A Vintage White Dining Room Gets One More Painted Update…

I posted about this set

and it’s paint process here  ->   Dining Table and Chairs Transformation

I loved painting this Jacobean set, everything came together so nicely.    It recently sold and when I get a chance I will do my next dining room set (a smaller Duncan Phyfe) in a similar combo.  Similar? Why not exact?

Well,  the customer that fell in love with the table and chairs  was drawn to the sideboard as well.  I finished the sideboard in Ce Ce Vintage White like the table, but I changed it up a little and sealed it with  Ce Ce Clear Wax tinted with gray pigment to age it.   I also painted the top a different color,  layering a custom mix (Vintage Chestnut + SpringHill Green 50/50)  over Pittsburgh Gray…

She was willing to make an offer on the whole set, but asked if I could  repaint the table top to match the brown finish on the sideboard.    Of course I said yes!

From this

to this

Ahhhhhh       I  L O V E    IT!

For sure,  next table top  will be brown just like this.  I started with a layer of Pittsburgh Gray,  over top I brushed a custom mix (50% Virginia Chestnut and Spring Hill Green), light sanded,  topcoated, then gave it a coat of dark brown gel stain.  It’s in the store for another couple weeks until the client can move it to her new room, if you’re local come check it out – maybe it will nudge you to repaint your own table and chairs!

who’s  ready to play with paint?

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A Glass Bead Strie Finish In Copper Metallic…

It started like this

and this

and this…

A designer’s vision for a client, let’s make it happen-

Tape and more tape,  then a raised stencil applied using plaster

Painting everything metallic copper

can see the stencil relief better

Glass beads applied and stried with a wall brush.  These will dry clear

An overglaze, a clean up,  and the result is this

In the Metro Detroit area and looking to customize your interior space?  Stop in and check us out –  we have stacks off custom sample finishes,  idea books and magazines,  all here for you to browse through.    We can help you transform your home!

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A Blond Breakfront China Cabinet Goes Brunette…

A client had a breakfront cabinet that she felt was stuck in the 80’s – the color finish – pinkish blonde.   She didn’t want a painted finish -she just wanted it darker. Not an easy fix – finished wood furniture typically requires sanding/stripping and starting with a fresh stain color  –  or, simpler – painting over it with easy paints like Caromal Colours basecoats.

I gave her an option of trying a ‘quick fix’ – using a gel stain and applying it directly over the existing finish.  I forewarned her – you can’t guarantee what  you’re gonna get … the stains can bite into one area stronger than an other… her piece was in lovely condition so she stood a pretty good chance that the gel stain could work for her piece.   I made a trip out to test it on the inside door – this was using a lighter color, but even that was enough for her to say ‘lets do it’…

So I came back with a color called Dark Walnut

and started the piece

My plan was to get it done in one day, but the inside kicked my butt, and I had to take 5 drawers back to the shop to complete

I’ll rate this application at least medium difficulty in terms of DIY ease – I won’t lie and say it doesn’t offer a challenge…  I’d recommend practicing on something of no value before tackling a piece you adore – once you start you can’t go back easily.

I was quite pleased with the transformation, the homeowner liked but didn’t love – she felt it took the piece from the 80’s to 90’s , but she was looking for the 2000’s….  I told her when I returned w/the finished drawers I could take one more swipe at it (just the exterior) since it would be completely dry

This was on the return – it took an extra hour to apply another wash of stain -the first layer took 8 hours…

she loved the results so much

that she sent me home with the matching server

that one I was only able to snap shots of layer one, they picked it up before I took final photos, but even this way its lovely…

Just in time for a Thanksgiving family gathering!     I hope all of you had a blessed day!