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Love This Idea! I’m Going To Find A Ladder, Paint It, and Sell It…

As a bedside table!

From Martha Stewart


Stencil on Red Master Bedroom…

Just enough …

Ami McKay

A Master Bedroom Focal Wall From Start To Finish…

The before

The finish came down to these two

random abstract, this one works

This wall is longer than you think…

A collection of Venetian Gem plasters – Tiger Eye, Brown Sapphire, Ruby Red, and Sand

troweled on and intermixed – a nice arm workout!

Plaster is on, ready to stain (an even better arm work out!)

Stain and Seal Honey Pine will age the finish and richen the plasters




a Focal Wall…

My legs got a  workout as well –   this master suite was up three flights of stairs (one outside and two inside) – a cool in-town townhouse.  City living like that would keep my butt toned!

Glazed Bedroom Walls Over Hampshire Tan 990

Before , stark walls

Pet peeve #347:  when client’s don’t read the terms and conditions because it reads

…Client shall also have all surfaces to be painted clear of any obstacles, such as furniture or appliances, by a minimum of 4 feet.

No fun moving the furniture out of the way…

Ready to tape-

Taped and basecoated Benjamin Moore Hampshire Tan 990-

I don’t usually basecoat, but this job had some bathroom work as well, so it was easy enough to base, then jump to bathroom and work in there, then come back to the room next day…

Working around the room-  a mix of 3 glaze colors –  dark brown, a custom red/plum  and a silvery taupe-

Everything back in place –

The bathroom had a laminate cabinet and formica counter  Caromal Colours makeover – read about that here .

I hated glazing walls when I first started my business.  I didn’t have the rythm and flow down,  and it made me a nervous wreck.  Glaze finishes have become one of my favorites to show clients – one reason being their affordability factor, another, their ability to stay in the background and provide a soft, lovely backdrop for rooms of any size.    And, glazed finishes are usually clean-up friendly, washable finishes that hide kid prints, soft bumps and nicks.

Do YOU need a room glazed?