51350 VAN DYKE RD, SHELBY TWP, MI  48316


Our newest retail studio is  at the northeast corner of 23 Mile and Van Dyke in the Salvation Army Mall.    Over 3000 sf feet of painting wares – come check us out!


HOURS of operation SPRING 2017:








Fabulous Finishes, founded by Patty Henning in 2003, is one of metro Detroit’s leading professional decorative finishing companies.  The retail/studio location in Shelby Township, Michigan, offers DIY paints, stencils, supplies, finished furniture and accessories for sale , as well as workshops that allow you to learn hands on – from cabinet doors to your own small piece of furniture.


We are the only retailer in Metro Detroit  of the exclusive Caromal Colours Paints, including Textured Basecoats, Reclaim, and the new Botanicals Collection   and American Paint Company Chalk/Clay/Mineral Paints –   the best DIY decorative finishing products on the market, offering an affordable , easy way to refinish with paint.

Come check us out –   every color sample demonstrated on old doors, dozens more examples,  finished furniture, furniture in process  – even samples over glass, old hardware, and formica countertops –


DSC_0661 DSC_0665 DSC_0666 DSC_0655

DSC_0625 DSC_0626 DSC_0600


My goal is to inspire you with paint, and wow you with pretty  ways to use it


DSC_0118 DSC_0410 [1280x768] DSC_0468 DSC_0473


You can do amazing things with paint, but the key is to use the RIGHT paint.  Why are OUR paints different?   They make refinishing easy – no sanding, stripping, priming, just clean your piece and begin.  The paints are so versatile you can use them any way you choose – roll on, brush on, smooth and clean, or add some texture  – the choice is yours, there’s no right or wrong.  Best of all, the finish is durable – come in and see for yourself – try and scratch it off – it won’t budge.  Repaint your cabinets and furniture with confidence that your lovely custom painted finish will stay put!

Come on in –  see how fun and easy these paints are –  if you want to get your hands dirty,  sign up for one of our weekly  workshops – they fill quickly!

DSC_0629 DSC_0633 DSC_0638

I’ve learned from some of the best and have trained at National Finishing Schools in the United States.   I love brainstorming and creating custom finishes, refinishing quality furniture and accessories.  

If you’re looking for a custom painted piece, please visit –  our one of a kind pieces are available for purchase…

 if you are looking to warm up a space,   update a room,  or refinish a piece of furniture, please give us a call – I’d love to be of service to you.


Fabulous Finishes – 

a place where we’ll help you do it yourself,

or let us do it for you!

51350 Van Dyke Rd

Shelby Township, Mi 48316


 23 Mile and Van Dyke

Let’s go shopping! Click on my online store-

40 responses to “METRO DETROIT STORE

  1. Rachel Lefkowitz

    Do you know anyone like yourself who works in or around the Toronto area?
    Your work is exactly what I was looking for!



  2. Rachel, There are two contacts I can forward you. Joe Greco [] owns Totem Coatings (, an eco-friendly decorative plaster company. There company teaches, so he knows many artists in Toronto area. He can help direct you.

    Another artist, Yan, is from the Windsor area but travels out for work and has taken jobs in Toronto. His email is .

    Hope this gives you a start! Good luck, I wish I lived closer to you, I’d love to help!

  3. I loved the paint when it was presented on Kimba’s blog, I loved it so much I did a post about it. My husband is finishing up school and then we will be moving, but once we get moved I can not wait to try it. I think my readers would love it just as much

  4. Hi Patty,
    Just got home from the Round Top Antiques Week. That is where the after picture was taken. You can post about this Caromal Colours makeover. I love working with this product. It is quite easy and gives such a fabulous finish. The young girl that bought the piece was soooo excited about finding it. Thanks for your nice comments!

  5. I live in the Fort Worth, Tx area. How can I find someone to learn from like you in my area, unless you have teaching dvd’s. Carolyn

    • Hi Carolyn, I’d love to be able to offer you teaching dvd’s… some day I’d love to be able to teach everything I’ve learned, not just Caromal workshops – but I’m so not there yet. What are you interested in, the Caromal products or other decorative finishes? Depending on which, I’d have different directions to send you – let me know and I’ll try to help!

  6. Hi Patty,

    I am looking to ‘repaint’ my bannister. It is light oak now and I would like to paint it black. I am not sure if I would like the distressed look or not. There is a very heavy glossy finish on the bannister now, and as I understand, I would not have to sand this off before using your product. Is that correct? Exactly which product(s) would I need to purchase to do the bannister? It is about 8 ft long, and a hand rail that is about 12 feet long.

    Thank you for your help~

    • Hi Jennifer, If you are looking to paint that bannister, wipe it down first with a mild soapy rag – you want your surface clean. Once dry, you will be ready to brush on the Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat – the black color is called Peppercorn. I would say one quart should do what you need – will cover approx 50sf of surface. You’d apply the black, then when dry lightly sand. The sanding will dull the black and make it look like licorice snaps (the candy) 🙂 To bring the life back, either use the Toner (which will also add a slight warmth to the black) or a wax or polyurathane topcoat.

      What color are the spindles?

  7. This picture above, the tealish walls and amazing ceiling: I swear this is my favorite room… the greatest colors, just amazing…. gets my vote for “best room ever”… seriously I love this so much. 🙂

  8. Michael and Kathy Miller

    Love your work!! We live in Raleigh/Durham NC area. We just found out that our painter really

    does not know what a Old world plaster finish is or how to do it! Do you know anyone in

    our area.. I will send you $50.00 for a great reference that pans out!! Help!!

    Regards, Michael Miller

    • Sorry to hear that… I dont’ know anyone personally that services your area Michael, but I did a search of finishers in your area and viewed them as if I was looking for someone and who would I call. These would be the finishers that I would contact for a consult –

      TC Artworks (Tamara Clark) in Raleigh. Has trained with various professional finishing educators, has been in business awhile, uses top notch products, shows nice finished work on her site.

      Cutting Edge Designs Specialty Finishes (Julie Doering) Has trained with Barb Skivington, been in business five years, shows nice work on her site.

      Faux Works Inc in High Pointe. Barb Skivington owns and operates this established professional finishing studio – I am certain she can direct you to highly competent finishers in your area.

      When I look at other finisher’s work, online, I look for photos of actual work performed. Hundreds of photos of sample finishes is great eye candy, but taking that finish to a wall is entirely different. This is most important to me. Look at their training experience. Realize some artists have natural talent and have never trained professionally. More often than not, though, that is not the case. I value training. You can always as for references.

      Hope this helps – thanks for the kudos – if I was in your area you’d have to look no further 🙂 – unfortunately I’m stuck in snowy Michigan …. Hopefully one of these can help you get the perfect finish!

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  13. Patty, are you aware if any new colors are in the works for the Reclaim line?

    Thanks, Kirstin

    • Hi Kirstin, I’m not aware of any new Reclaim colors, though I’d guess there will be more to come since the line has been such a success. If I hear anything I’ll let you know 🙂

  14. I love you site and wish I was closer to shop your store. Beautiful Work.

  15. Sending you pictures now

  16. Hi Patty,
    Thank you for your help and input on my idea.
    I almost wanted to plan a road trip to your shop.
    You’re 6 hours away from me
    Almost worth the drive.
    When I saw your website I was like wow!!
    I love this stuff! I found exatcly what I’ve been looking for.
    can’t wait to start!

  17. too bad you didnt have a van and a friend – you could both drive across state with a couple pieces of furniture, and do an all day SAturday painting workshop!

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  21. I visit my local, two reuse centers every Friday. I am rebuilding my home (alone) from a fire, and is a true testament to what you can do with repurposed, donated, and simply rebuilt stuff. From molding, to cabinets, to garden pots, lumber, windows, doors, (oh, the doors!) and much much more.

    I have not purchased my paints yet, but have been working things out in my mind. I find I’m cursed. Yesterday I found not one, not two, but FOUR different period dressers and vanities that would be fab-u-lous with these paints. Sadly, of all things, I don’t need furniture.

    My point is that although my eye is tuned toward reuse possibilities, I find I’m seeing all this great stuff with even a different eye: refinished with these paints and techniques. Cursed, I say!
    Thank you. I think!

    • once ‘our kind’ realizes what we can create with tired pieces, be it cabinets, furniture, accessories, then you’re right, our minds dont stop! welcome to this colorful world!

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  23. christineefreeman

    The most horrible thing has happened:
    I’ve done my first night stand. Based it with Putty — and loved it. It’s the perfect dark gray/green.

    Tried the thin layer of Elmer’s to see if my next layer would crackle.
    It’s PERFECT and I love it.
    Second coat is Young Kansas Wheat. Gorgeous.

    But [she wailed] I’m now out of Young Kansas Wheat sample! And I only have $3.00 to my name. Well… Look for a new order of this beautiful color. As soon as possible.

    Now I think I’ll use some chipping cream and another layer of something. Then I’ll sand a bit.

    Oh – and I actually made this night stand in a class I took to learn how to use the tools my DH left when he bailed. I’ve got more tools than Home Depot! Yeah!

    Another bad thing:
    I’m doomed hooked.

  24. lol! Its theraputic don’t you think? I’m always excited about the paints, so it’s fun when I see others ‘get’ it! If you’re in the area in 2nd week of December mark your calendar and stop in for our holiday open house…

  25. Karen Brisbane

    Hi Patty, I have an old buffet that I’m going to paint in Cell Ce Caldwell Vintage White. I was considering putting on the Ce Ce Satin finish on the top so it’s more durable. Do I apply it after the clear and dark waxes when I have the desired look? I can’t wait to get the products on order with you and get started.

  26. I will right away seize your rss feed as I can’t in finding your
    email subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you’ve any?
    Please permit me understand so that I may just subscribe.

  27. Good morning. I am wondering if you sell samples of the reclaim paint. Interested in starting a project and can’t decide on a color.
    Thank you

    • Hi Randi ,Our Reclaim samples are $19.95 ( 8 oz) .We also sell painted wood samples on line for $4 & can ship same day. Hope this works for you 🙂

      On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 7:43 AM, Fabulously Finished wrote:


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