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  2. Can you use chipping crème with annie sloan, or cece or does it have to be caramel color brand paint?

    • you dont need the chipping creme w/the chalk/clay paints – at least not with the CeCe Caldwell or American Paint Co ones – cant speak for A sloan – we use the chipping creme only between caromal products

  3. I have a table top that is Formica and it sits on a wooden base. Would I use the same paint on both sections? From what I read, I don’t need to prime either part, right? Thanks for your help.

    • Yes Marci, all the paints I use here (Caromal Colours, CeCe Caldwell, American Paint Co) will go over both surfaces equally. you might get more slip on the first coat on the formica, but second coat will make it perfect. patty

  4. Can you use caromal glazes over a textured base or do you have to use toner?
    When you paint kitchen cabinets do you paint the inside or only certain parts of the inside? My cabinets are stained & polyurethane in medium to dark brown from the late 1970’s. Considering paint the top cabinets with parchment color & the bottom with putty with glazes or toner over. Thanks for the help!!!

    • Hi Felicity, yes, you can use any of the glazes over both the Reclaim paints and the Textured basecoats – as well as the Toner. the toner just bites in more than the glaze – hope this helps! patty

  5. Hi, there! Just thought I’d let you know my most recent purchase arrived. Thank you, as always, for feeding my habit. 🙂

  6. Hi I’m getting myself sooo confused I want to paint my kitchen cabinets in a white with just a hint of green but I can’t decide. What would be the best paint Am. Paint, Reclaim or Carmoal paint I would like a fairly smooth hard finish. Can you help

    • White with just a hint of green – do you mean green coming out from underneath? or green accent cabs? you could use any of the 3 paints you mentioned – it just depends on the look you want, and how you’d like to apply it –

      this post will show you the cabinets done with caromal colours textured basecoats and their reclaim line, and shows the color options as well. their paints arent ZERO voc but they are all water based, low voc, water clean up, no smell etc etc… they will bond to nearly any surface, as does the American Paint paint, but will dry to a harder finish – the Reclaim has a built in sealer, the textured basecoats will dry hard and wont wipe off but would require a sealer to be washable, and to add sheen.

      The chalk/clay paints from American look great on cabs too, they are typically brushed on – you can roll but you’ll get a bit of stipple – they spray as well if you have that capability – i like the finish better if its sanded AFTER the paint is on and dry – it offers a cleaner, more professional looking finish – and then they’d require multiple coats of a durable sealer/topcoat – not wax.

  7. Hi Patty,
    I have read through your blog and have read the posts on oak cabinets…but I gotta admit, I’m still nervous! So excited to find this product but nervous. We have golden oak cabinets in kitchen and two bathrooms. We want to go with a whitish-cream (don’t want it too yellow though) for our kitchen with antiqueing but maybe just a few lowlights in the corners to accent if that makes sense. And then probably a black in the bathrooms, but are still deciding on that. We are also considering painting our white fridge black (which I have read on your blog you can do) since it is the only thing white amidst our other black appliances. SO before we order…my biggest questions are:
    1 – can you see any oak wood grain through the cream? (I tried some AS chalk paint on a garage cabinet and didn’t like how I could still see a bit of the grain…looks unprofessional to me)
    2 – how toxic is this stuff (I am 3 months pregnant and have two young kids)
    3 – Can you get a smooth look and not textured on the cabinets without the wood grain showing through? Do you just brush it on instead of roll it on to achieve this?
    And 4 – do you have to do a poly over top (aren’t those pretty high voc?)? or what are the other options to seal it?

    Sorry for all the questions! Big decisions…I’m sure you understand. 🙂



  8. Hi Olivia, can you see grain through cream? Well, it depends. First off, I’d say you are a candidate for the Reclaim line – its rolled on, will take 2-3 coats depending on how thick/thin you apply, and will not leave you with brush lines. It’s the easiest paint to apply when it comes to cabinet doors – If your grain is heavy or raised, yes you can see after painting, from the side, that the doors were wood – but most of our customers actually PREFER that , after all , they are wood doors! you can look at this picture, close up – its both the bright white and the offwhite reclaim , with glazes — applied over oak.

    Reclaim is THE top seller , I’d say 4 or 5 to 1 choice, when it comes to kitchen cabinets. That is between Reclaim, their Textured Basecoat Paints, and our Chalk/Clay based paints. The Reclaim not only bonds to your surface, it stays put when it dries. It’s rolled on, wont need a sanding once the paint is on, and has a built in sealer so it dries to a low satin sheen. you can apply a glaze to these paints, but let the paint dry a good 3-4 days. if you only want whitish creme with lowlights in the corners, then i’d recommend bright white and then glaze it with one of our glazes. The glazes dont just get painted in corners, you’d get a spotchy effect – but they are really easy to use, brush them on and wipe them off.

    if you’re nervous about color or finish, you can always order a custom 3″ wood sample –

    2) Toxic? Nope – it is very low vocs, all water clean up, no smell, and can be used in you state 🙂

    3) this goes back to WHICH paint to get – i’d stay w/the Reclaim , which is a roll on, but dont roll each paint layer thick – else it will dry back slightly stipply, like wall paint. Some folks will roll it on and then feather it back w/your brush – its all personal choice.

    4) TOPCOATing – for kitchens and high use projects yes, i’d topcoat over the well dried finish. Even though its got a sealer in it, i’d want added durability . yes, you’d stay away from any oil based polys, stuff like that – (they’ll amber anyway) – Caromal has a low voc topcoat for cabinets and counters that is waterbased – so does Beautiful’s line – they offer a satin finish and a matte finish (which is really really lovely)

    hope this helps, patty

  9. Nicole Belli-O'Keefe

    Hi Patty ! I love your sight!!! I am wondering which paint products you used to achieve the beautiful custom silver on those Vanities and other bedroom pieces you refinished. I have a neat little waterfall vanity I would like to paint however I am considering a metallic bubble gum Pink or robins egg Blue in the same vein. I’d like to use the silver on some other pieces ! What products do I need?
    Nicole B. Eugene Oregon.

    • Hi Nicole, I use Caromal’s Reclaim as my basecoat – its all in one, bonding/primer/sealer as well – I use either the dark mocha brown or the licorice black – when i do the silvers i blend several products together to get my favorite color – i dont have the metallic pinks or blues though – we sell the silver blend in the store and online, an 8 oz will do a big pc of furniture and then some – and then I always antique it after it dries good – Caromal’s Toner is great, glazes are more subtle….

  10. Thank you for all of the great info Patty! I truly appreciate it. So for the topcoat which one would I get if I want a matte finish the APC TOPCOAT Finish, Reclaim Sealer Indoor/Outdoor 16 Ounce, or the Beautiful Waterbased Sealer. And which one for the satin? Just the Beautiful? And when you roll on the Reclaim paint does it give you that “rolled on” texture…almost bumpy looking (no brush strokes, but still not smooth). Is that when you would lightly brush down it with a brush? Thank you again for all your help. When I’m ready to order can I do it all through fab finisher? Thank you again!!

    • Hi Olivia, for MATTE you’d want the Beautiful Matte Sealer, the Matte’st around and its a lovely finish – low voc’s , and offers nice durablity. i love matte finishes…. for a satin finish, it depends on what you’d be using it for – when i use the chalk/clay paints i love the topcoat – its like brushing on water – you CAN brush it w/out seeing application – beautiful’s satin finish is satin’ier – and i’d not brush, i’d roll that one so you dont see application marks – caromal’s reclaim sealer is satin as well, less shiny than beautiful – i’d say more like Topcoat. It has low voc, and no smells – will be more durable coat per coat than the Topcoat which is all naturarl. Caromal’s sealer also is rated for outdoor use, whereas the others don’t specifically say that – so i’d tend to use that one over one of the others for outdoor projects…… when you roll the reclaim i roll light coats, that way the stipple from the roller is lighter, and as it dries back it shinks some – the colors will take 2 coats easy if you’d light applying it , the polly, white and offwhite can take 3 coats. yes, you can feather out your rolled coat if you prefer, many do, but do it very light handed, sometimes i even lightly mist my door then feather back over it – otherwise, you’ll leave some brush marks. i personally prefer brushing it on furniture , it looks more like wood grain (straight grain) to me – but you have to keep your strokes pretty even, otherwise it can look poopy…. you can find everything to order at and if you cant find something or need help just call the store 888-819-1490 or email us – shipping coupon codes PattyH for 2 bucks off order, or PattyH5 for 5 bucks off orders 75 or more. 🙂

  11. HI, I have some tin that I want to paint black and a small wood item to paint black. I bought a spoon rack from someone on line, she said she used Caromal paint and dabbed it on. I like the look. I want to buy a samll container and am not sure what to buy.

  12. That would be our Textured Base Paint by Caromal Colours. It’s a super thick paint that is great for texture, easy to use & very durable.

  13. Hello, I am wanting to re finish my builder laminate oak cabinets with a really dark brown and give them the rustic distressed look. We are very into rustic. What would I need to order to achieve this look and what are prices?
    Thank you

    • Hi Allison, Best way to start is by looking at our blog, Patty has been working around the clock posting pics of finished kitchens/bathrooms that our customers have sent in. Caromal Colours Textured Base paints would probably give you the most Rustic look (Chocolate). One Gallon,$125, covers avg of 20-22 kitchen cabs/surrounding frames, depending on your final finish.You may need 2 colors & or a toner/glaze as well. Hope this helps 🙂

      On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 2:31 PM, Fabulously Finished wrote:


  14. Natalie Harries

    Hi, do you know how to do a restoration hardware zinc finish? I’m in California and I’m looking for which products to use. I figured you would know because you’re so knowledgeable on everything regarding a refinishing and design. Thanks so much for your time, keep up the good work! Sincerely, Natalie

  15. Amy J Vistocco

    Hi I was wondering if you could tel me the different between all the black paints you carry. I want to paint my lower cabinets a black. I have a gallon of mulberry from caromel colors but see you have loam, peppercorn and the one from american paints and now I am not sure they are all pretty.
    Thanks for your help
    Amy Vistocco

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