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Painting Furniture in Shades Of Color – Grey Black

Ombré    (“shaded” in French)

gradual blending of one color hue to another, shading from light to dark

I had a white and black piece in mind to share, I couldn’t find the photos.

Instead, I found myself looking at photos of previous ombres I’d painted and shared,  and then  I FOUND THE PHOTOS OF THE ORIGINAL PIECE I WAS LOOKING FOR!

You know what else I found?   Bakers are amazingly creative!


OH my Lord, this is just heavenly!

This was a piece I finished more recently –

I’m often posed the question, “Which of your paints is your favorite?”    I honestly respond that the products I carry all have a purpose, and I favor them all (otherwise I wouldn’t sell them!).   When I want to lose myself in creating a new piece, like all of the pieces in this post,  I reach for my natural chalk and clay base American Paints

When you have all the colors in the deck on hand, its easy to grab more than one color – two – three-  even four,  to create the perfect fade.  For someone with less paint on hand,  know you can create a white to black ombre with just white and black.

A cake fade prelude –

I stripped the top with the orange Citristrip, and restained with my Wood Topper stains.    I carried those instore,  never got around to adding them online.  It’s on my get-it-done list…   (if you’re local, and need a color,  shoot an email to support at fabfinisher.com and I can add it to your order)

This is one of my favorite styles of furniture …  so romantic.

I actually held onto this piece …

When the store was winding down, all the big stuff on the floor had to be quick sale’d  – I didn’t’ have a large storage area to house the overflow of finished pieces, but I wasn’t marking this Regal Gentleman down – he’s one of a kind

Once I feel like everything is back in place, paperwork in order, taxes done (ugggh), then I’ll take these few pieces and list them online –

If they don’t sell, I’ll save them for that   ‘some day spare room when the kids move ‘

No better way to wrap this post, than to share a few more beauties!

This one is definitely my inspiration for a future OMBRE,  I’ve always wanted to do these colors-


+  LOVE them all  + 

Wonder if they taste as good as they look ? 

Have a Blessed Week!




Repainting Oak Nightstands Caromal Colours Black And?

This was a different one.   These night stands needed updating, to tie in with a  guest bedroom makeover.   The ID suggested


That’s easy, says I, for I am the Caromal Colour queen and know that the Peppercorn texured basecoat and some Toner will be lovely on the stands…

The next day, before I finished another space,  I hopped over to the night stands with the intention of painting them Peppercorn-

Second coat, ‘scrubbing’ it in , using Peppercorn cut with a little water –

The ID stopped by,

Whoa, that is REALLY black!

Uh oh….  right?

You said black.

Well I didn’t mean that color – something more like this bronze color in the bedding…’

Obviously a case of mixed signals – but these babes were already on the black train, and there was no easy turning back.   She suggested I glaze over them with something that would lighten them.   Hmmmm……

I had some Modern Masters Metallic Paint Warm Silver Glaze that I’d brought for the other job – it resembled the shimmer champagne damask in the bedding – so I pulled it out and asked her if she’d like me to try that.  Of course, yes – and she wanted me to also use a little of the plum/berry glaze color I had…

I finished the two coats, then lightly sanded the stands, which turned them chalky looking…  then I used the glazes over the drawer and waited for her response.

Great, do it!  So I continued on.  One done, one left

Light sanding for a soft feel


Thanks Caromal, for at least saving me time on the front end!

Unfamiliar with Caromal Colours DIY paints?   Caromal Colour paints offer the best of both worlds –  ease of use,   they bond to nearly any surface  (no stripping, priming, sanding)  so go right head and paint over your old cabinets. And, even better,  this paint is durable – once it dries it won’t budge – just what you need!

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Is Caromal Colours RECLAIM Available In Black?

Are you ready to order RECLAIM? 

Did you see Reclaim, by Caromal Colours,  on HSN?  Are you like me where you SEE something that grabs your attention,  but you want to know more before you invest?  So you hop online and surf the nets, searching for information – IS it really as easy as it says?   Is it durable?  Is it going to scratch off?   What does it look like close up?  Are the colors accurate?

Well, you found the right place – I have loads of information here, so stick around awhile and peruse all my Caromal posts. Here you’ll find  concise photos,  how to’s and tips on application.

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If you are interested in ordering, all I need is your ship to address, your contact #,  and what products you want to order – the warehouse will contact you within 24 hours with tracking information. 


I need Black.  Does Reclaim come in black or is that in the plans?

Thanks, Sharon

No,  RECLAIM is only available in Bright White, Off White, Sage, and Latte.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Black down the road –  the Peppercorn

(black) Textured Basecoat in Caromal’s  Country Living Line of paints is one of the most popular colors.

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Black Works.

Have you ever read Sherwin Williams STIR articles?  I bookmarked this one,  Back To Black – How To Make Black Walls Work, by Holly O’Dell-

Black is no stranger to the world of interior design. It adorns sofas, desks, entertainment centers, tables and accessories. But consumers willing to take a little risk with their interior design are starting to use black in larger swaths — particularly walls — with bold, stylish results.


Consumers willing to take a little risk with their interior design are starting to use black in larger swaths — particularly walls — with bold, stylish results.

Amy Devers,  from The Learning Channel’s Trading Spaces, explains –

…  black is always chic, and though it’s dark, it is a neutral and goes with everything.

That reminded me of my all-time favorite actress Audrey Hepburn-

Black is always chic.

I like how Julie Hoylen describes the need for black-

1) a black room needs little adornment

2) the existing colors in the room will ‘pop’ back to life against it

3) it can cozy up a bright space or moody up a dark one

4) it can re-fresh a dated all white kitchen or bath

5.) the room will look super sexy in candlelight

6) you will look super sexy in the room in candlelight

7) your friends will think that you are cool