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OH My Gosh, I Suck – But This Distressed Piece Is To DIE For!

I don’t know what happened last night … I vowed I’d take pictures as the night progressed,  and had my camera right on my cart.

Wanna see what I got?


We ended up with a last minute roster change, one lady swapped her husband for her daughter –  and another brought his wife, so ten was the final count.

Many came with a specific purpose –  they came, they perused the samples,  and then focused on creating exactly the finish they liked.  Questions, dirty brushes just a lot to share.   Paprika was popular – with 2 layers of Toner (creates a darker finish) , and Parchment – always a hit… I’d show you photos, if I had them!

By time I cleaned up I was exhausted – but wide awake.  Don’t you  hate that?   I popped a big bowl of popcorn and ate it, brain dead.  This morning I headed back to glazing trim

then a quick stop to a new client that is looking to have a display cabinet refinished.  I walked into their kitchen and instantly spotted this


temporarily interrupt this post

with my own heart,

loudly beating...

AAhhhhhhhh!   Authentic old – we WORK to create this finish!

The piece was a garbage reject.  It arrived all covered in blue, and the client’s husband used a stripped to  get most of it off –  look at what he revealed

Anyway, thankfully, that ISN’T the piece they want refinished 🙂

Back to the JUMBO LAME-O –   I have gads of emails from the last two days, piling up –  I promise I’ll get to each one – I just need a day or so.  If you require more immediate attention, please feel free to call me on my cellphone – I can talk (bluetooth in ear) while I work.