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Time Flies, Even When You’re Not Having Fun!

April arrived, set to be a busy month.  Easter morning we were on a plane, flying out of Detroit, on our way to a big ship in the ocean, chaperoning our daughter and five friends during spring break.   A year ago we were on our way to Mexico for my son’s spring break…

Milestones like this make me think back, way back….   when did my kids grow up?



It was busy the week before I left –  multiple workshops, and I’d been working on completing this custom painted vanity for a client –


They wanted it similar to this piece I’d painted –


I used American Paint Company Voyage, and Stenciled with various APC colors, and sealed with APC Hardcoat and Topcoat Finish


The week off was a lovely change – the weather was perfect every day – I soaked in the vitamin D and much needed sleep


Even while away from work, I’d find myself noticing things – like this guy’s shirt that looked like a Monahan Botanical paper


or the paint colors as we ventured on island excursions…IMG_4541



It was a joy sharing fun moments with this crazy group of five –  I made sure to take a zillion pictures, so they’d have them to look back on…   spring_break_fabulous_finishes

I was drawn to this designer – such artistic detail


Boy if I won the lottery….   🙂

lev1lev2Home Sunday, back to work Monday,  feeling a need for another week off just to recover.   These flowers arrived, a pretty thank you for watching over the girls…


The week was a whirl – I  got moving on a customer’s vanity – she wants a metallic finish with a wood grained look on the top



I’m about 2/3’s done…


I had to quote painting a 15 foot statue (she’s in parts) for a popular yearly music festival music – Electric Forest –  held in Rothbury, Michigan.


If I get the job, they’d deliver her to my studio in a large crate  – a crate full of body parts 🙂   How cool would that be?   Would love to turn her into an earthy queen of the forest…


Some workshop photos…




after: layer 1 Caromal Textured Basecoat Parchment, layer 2 American Paint Company Shoreline, sanded, APC Topcoat.



before: this whole piece had an existing crackle finish


after:  Grey, top stenciled with Willow




after: awesome barnworn finish by Caromal Colours – layer 1 Textured Basecoat Chocolate, layer 2 Chipping Creme, layer 3 Textured Basecoat Parchment, sanded with mouse, layer 4 Caromal Toner.


Even though we were past time, I showed her how to apply a raised textured stencil with the Chocolate – it turned out so darn cool!




after: a Green, with our White Glaze. Stenciled with Caromal Colour Stencil Creme White.




after: ash Willow, stenciled with American Paint Company Coral Reef.




after: a Slate with our Black Glaze





after: layer 1 on top, to hide some damage: Textured Basecoat Wisteria, layer 2 on whole piece, a Grey. Topped with our White Glaze.




after:  Grey with our Black Glaze

This past week I received another customer ‘to do’ project…  six chairs and two curios –


A black finish with some reveal is requested,  trust that I REALLY tried to talk this client into a DIY project, but she wanted no part it.  Looks like I need to get busy painting!







I ended Saturday waxing the purple piece – purple_ombre_paint_chalk_wax


It’s good feeling to be back –  until next time,  happy painting!

need paint?

We realize that people that WANT to create don’t have our cool paints offered in their neck of the woods – if this describes you, please do us a favor and check out our online store – we strive to offer everything we can that will make your creating an easy and fun process. 




A Painted Manly Chest, Gray or Grey, Light Medium Dark, American Paint Co

I’ve got furniture tucked in the back workroom,  from acquisitions some time back.  I’m pretty good at resisting  the urge to buy more, until I can work down the pieces that I have, like this piece I recently started, over two years old –


But I will add to the pile , if it’s the right style at the right price.  Like this recent gem –


and this chest


I haven’t done a good job following my ‘first in, first out’ rule.

pieces that pluck at my heart strings

get painted first

And so we begin…


American Paint’s Freedom Road, and Shingle on the Roof Freedom Road is APC’s dark grey, and Shingle is a dark misty brown


From there I applied layers of a range of colors  – Uncle Sam, Smoke Signal, Freedom Rd,  Cannonball – until it felt right.

Thats the truth – for me, painting and feeling it go hand in hand.  Some colors will land together, side by side, on my brush,  others will mix together on the plate – my brush acting like a stir stick…

One thing I’ve learned -when I paint pieces like this I need to go start to finish.   I can’t leave one side, or a few drawers, for another day.  When  I have, I find myself struggling to get that same rhythm back that I had from the beginning.


Sanded to reveal more depth, and more importantly to knock out any application marks I left behind


This one I’ll wax, using my favorite wax  (and not just because I am a retailer!)  – American Paint Company’s Vintage Antiquing Wax –  CLEAR ,


my preferred topcoat over darker colors like the bottom half of this chest.  Just grab yourself a brush (I prefer bristle chip and round brushes),  scrub it on/into that open paint finish, and then softly wipe any excess off when you are done.


You can see what you’ve  waxed and where you still need to go, making the wax-on even easier.



When the wax is dry, typically a few hours, you can buff it to a lovely sheen using a soft cloth or a buffing brush that attaches to your drill


Love when the original hardware can be salvaged .  Clean it, dry it, and paint it!


Checking if the color is right


I add some glam to the feet – over sized crystal knobs-   my son cracked one when we were moving the piece to the showroom,  so I need to get another.



The buffed wax pops the depth in all of those colors


Before we move it to the front, I need to doll up the back – it’s something I enjoy – kind of my way of signing a piece 🙂


Time to settle into your showroom space

fabulous-finishes-studio-inspiration-painted-furniture-workshops-metro-detroit-diy-paints-shop-online0486 fabulous-finishes-studio-inspiration-painted-furniture-workshops-metro-detroit-diy-paints-shop-online0524 fabulous-finishes-studio-inspiration-painted-furniture-workshops-metro-detroit-diy-paints-shop-online0546

Another piece I wish I could take home…


Missing the pretty shoes


but loving the bit of glitz on the pulls 🙂


need paint?

We are a retailer competitively priced

We realize that people that WANT to create don’t have our cool paints offered in their neck of the woods – if this describes you, please do us a favor and check out our online store – we strive to offer everything we can that will make your creating an easy and fun process. Our customers from a far are just as important as our local customers – when you shop with us we will be committed to helping you every step of the way.



Pink and Grey, Painted and Waxed, Vintage Cabinet…

American Paint Company’s  recently retired color , CAMEO,  a soft pale pink,  reminds me of these

cameo 1

a lighter version of these balloons

cameo 2

the background of this

cameo 3

pretty much most of this


I’m not a pastel girl – but I am drawn to to these faint hint of color colors… I love Cameo,  and decided to pair it up with a brand new American Paint Color,  Tarnished Platter – a medium locker room gray –

american paint company, chalk clay mineral paint, natural wax, cameo pink, tarnished platter gray, grey, layed painted vintage cabinet, fabulous finishes studio, patty henning, metro detroit, online shop.fabfinisher.com

A petite, vintage cabinet –




First coat APC Tarnished Platter , then APC Cameo –


The inside of the cupboard received one coat of Caromal Botanicals Salvia,  a lighter grey than Tarnished Platter, but in the same family.  I chose Salvia because it could be left as is, no topcoat required – I don’t like painting inside cupboards/cabinets/shelves, so the less steps necessary the better 🙂


It took me awhile to combine and customize hardware that I liked –



I silver leafed the legs – they were perfect to dress up




and added a little more unexpected sparkly shimmer



I sanded the layered chalk/clay finish, refining and revealing until I was satisfied, then sealed it up with a layer  of my favorite wax,  American Paint Company Clear Wax.


Though I often recommend more durable topcoat options for surfaces that will be used daily,  (APC Topcoat, Caromal’s Reclaim Sealer, Beautiful Matte/Satin Sealer), furniture pieces like this one are perfect for wax.    APC’s natural waxes are the icing on the cake –


fabulous-finishes-studio-inspiration-painted-furniture-workshops-metro-detroit-diy-paints-shop-online0176 fabulous-finishes-studio-inspiration-painted-furniture-workshops-metro-detroit-diy-paints-shop-online0174

Something about the petite, daintiness of  this cabinet, drew me in … I wanted to dress up every inch of it –


I stenciled inside the cabinet, using a sticky size and used cut glass mixed with shimmer glitter –


fabulous-finishes-studio-inspiration-painted-furniture-workshops-metro-detroit-diy-paints-shop-online0172 fabulous-finishes-studio-inspiration-painted-furniture-workshops-metro-detroit-diy-paints-shop-online0171 fabulous-finishes-studio-inspiration-painted-furniture-workshops-metro-detroit-diy-paints-shop-online0170

Every time I use a soft pink, it sells-



Must be the color, this piece already found a new owner 🙂


need paint?

We are a retailer competitively priced

We realize that people that WANT to create don’t have our cool paints offered in their neck of the woods – if this describes you, please do us a favor and check out our online store – we strive to offer everything we can that will make your creating an easy and fun process. Our customers from a far are just as important as our local customers – when you shop with us we will be committed to helping you every step of the way.


Our Customer’s Paint Projects – Sharing Post

Share time –

Pam G says

You inspired me with the chess table you had in the store. I love how this turned out….I used Reclaim Pebble and  Reclaim Licorice followed by brown Toner

pam licorice and pebble

What a perfect table to checker, love it!

This chest looks like it came from the wild wild west…

before buggy

Part 1 of it’s facelift was refinishing the drawers at one of our Paint a Piece Workshops.    The drawers were based with Reclaim Mocha, then a metallic finish applied over top.  Lastly  the drawers were lined up on the floor, and a large oversized damask stencil was applied using Toner

buggy drawers after

At home, the rest of the chest was painted Reclaim Mocha (2 coats for solid coverage) and the sides were completed like the drawer fronts –

buggy after

Lastly, new knobs were added…

buggy after 2

and how is THAT for a transformation?

buggy after 3

Totatlly updated,  no longer a buggy riding cowboy 🙂

buggy after 4LOVE IT!

 A salon owner updates this service table with APC Chenille Bedspread and Cheetah Foil application on the surfaces and legs….

after purple foil

Joy knocked her kitchen cabinets out of the park !


Robin shared –

So I had an ugly shiny gold metal storage trunk.  Think 1990s.  Unfortunately my hard drive crashed so I lost my “before” picture, but i found something that shows how horrible the gold was,  so i attached that as my before….

before like the trunk robin

I was going to throw it away, but its bones were good quality.   Then, I saw a similar style trunk in Pottery Barn for $499

pottery barn 500 bucks robin inspiration

My brain said Stop!  like when a needle gets dragged over a record… haha,   $499 –  really??

Luckily, I had been reading your blog for a while, and remembered you said Caromal paints adheres to pretty much anything… could I repurpose it?  Seemed like a nice small project to start with.

By sending you a quick picture of the Pottery Barn Item,  and my goal of a dark trunk,  you suggested:   lightening Caromal Textured Basecoat black (Peppercorn)  with some white (Wisteria)  if I wanted grey, OR as i decided on… off black.  I did 2 coats of that over the entire piece

during trunk robin

and then brushed the bronze on only the trim.  I finished with Toner,  and finally a coat of clear wax.   Love it !!!

 redone_trunk robin

We love it too!

We shared part of this do-over before, Kim attended one of our Paint A Piece Workshops with this lovely vintage chair


She painted it with several thin coats of Caromal Textured Basecoat Parchment, and then added an overglaze (I think she used Coffee Glaze)

kim during

She was in the store again, and this time showed me a picture of it, completely put back together,  along with a foot stool that she finished the same way –  is this not a gorgeous chair?

kim waldorf after

Laura had a bedroom set that she had grown tired of

 laura before 2

laura before 3

Gorgeous pieces…. she wanted black

laura 2

laura after 3

I used Reclaim Licorice and metallic Silver Blend. Thank you for all your help. I am so pleased with the outcome!!!


Dawn shared

Base was once cream and gold 70’s French Provincial. I used a random mix of APC Saddle, Leather Boots, with a little Sedona Red and Fireworks Red on the high spots. I ended up having to do 2 coats because it seemed to drink the paint and a light sanding had me seeing the cream. I then painted the gold detail in the recesses like it had been before. I put on one coat of Beckley Coal and lightly sanded to show some of the under color. I am planning on putting APC Dark Wax on as a finish. I sanded and restained the top.

dawn 1

dawn 2

Lisa updated this little accent table

lisa before 1

using Caromal Colours Botanical paint color Boxwood, and finished it off with black wax –   pretty!

lisa after botanical boxwood

Gorgeous nursery, right?  Maria used a custom blend we made up for her, to match this header crown to the iron crib

maria man after

Margy started with this small buffet

margy before

and turned it into this gorgeous work of art!

Thanks so much for the feedback. I ended up using the “Reclaim Off-White” with the Reclaim Antiquing Glaze on the buffet, and I decoupaged the front doors using the “Double Starfish” design from Monahan Papers. This was really a labor of love, and very detailed especially for my first big refurbishing project – the front doors have a serpentine design and the papers had to align perfectly over the curvy front!  I love how it turned out 🙂

We love the aged papers and as Margy as shown, they can even be custom order in larger sizes 🙂

We don’t have the before, but Nanette created a cool barnworn finish on her chair

I used Textured Basecoat Mustard,  some Sedona Red, and Reclaim Licorice (black) .  I used your Sandstone Texture  for the stencil relief, which was buried beneath layers.  I am absolutely IN LOVE with this 7.00 chair reno!!!

  nanette after

nan after 2

Isn’t it amazing how the paints can layer and reveal to look authentically decades old?

nan after

Lisa shares,

I watched your DIY video a couple of times,which really helped me get through the process. The base coat was Reclaim “sage”. After gluing down the botanical paper with the Reclaim sealer, I used Caromal Colors Basecoat “putty” around the edges of the paper. The drawer also has some “putty” dry brushed on it. The body of the nightstand has Caromal Colors Basecoat “parchment” on it which works well with the background of the paper. I used Reclaim Antiquing Glaze over everything. It was light enough that it didn’t overwhelm the paper. I love how it turned out!

nightstand-1 lisa cox

nightstand-4 lisa cox

nightstand-2 lisa cox

nightstand-6 lisa coz

That turned out cool Lisa!

Ragen gave an old sled an update with APC Fireworks Red and one of the pretty seasonal aged papers

regan after

A textured stencil –


and Wendy shares

Dear Patti,
Just wanted to thank you for your fabulous store, paint, and wisdom!  I just finished these nightstands for my daughter using the botanical papers and paint. She loves them! You were so helpful when I came in for help. Thank you again.

LOVE!  She used Caromal Colours Botanical paint color Gardenia, and the aged Botanical Papers – these are two of my favorite prints…

wendy after

She added a pretty raised design on the side with a stencil –

wendy texture stencil

Joe shared his bathroom makeover using Reclaim Paint Mocha … probably my favorite way to see an update – if you have the money, invest it in a new counter , then update the cabinets with a painted finish – million bucks!   (the floor is lovely too, must add 🙂 )

joe rusin

Leigh updated this furniture with Caromal Botanicals paint color Peony, and a soft, whimsical stencil –  love love love!

leighwild peony (2)

need paint?

We are a retailer competitively priced

We realize that people that WANT to create don’t have our cool paints offered in their neck of the woods – if this describes you, please do us a favor and check out our online store – we strive to offer everything we can that will make your creating an easy and fun process. Our customers from a far are just as important as our local customers – when you shop with us we will be committed to helping you every step of the way.