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A Snapshot Of An Artist’s Madness

When you are an Artist, you never know when someone will demand your talents.   A best-case scenario is that it all comes in on an even keel, and the Artist hums along happily.

love the artist

The diary of a Mad Artist?  When the pace picks up, and at the same time, other demands are present.

Like kids – soccer, homework, catechism, orthodontist appointments, shuttling …

Like outside demands –  especially if hubster’s ‘glow-nads‘ are being squeezed at work to get it ALL done (nothing wrong with 12 or 14 hour workdays right???)  No hubster, and no expendable income to hire out jobs means SOMEBODY needs to get to the lawn, the edging, the weeding, the Fall cleanup, the packing away of pool toys etc…….

Like inside demands- of course WE know this list is endless…. the mindless things we do, without even realizing we are doing them.   “What did you do today?”  he asks.   “Umm,  not much really”.    Oh REALLY? Keeping the house clean,  laundry current, cats fed and pooper box scooped, checkbook and bills balanced,  schedules updated and relayed, cooking (aarrgh), grocery shopping so that you HAVE something to cook (lol),  exercise (oh Lord have I been slacking on this…. there ISNT enough hours in the day)

Like other work demands – for me, its Caromal Colours.   Direct Marketing/ Sales , call it what you like,  I call it representing a great line of DIY products.  I can inform, I can instruct, I can teach,  I can be a helper.  I INSPIRE and EMPOWER others.  If I do it right, I can also be rewarded for sales I generate.  How cool is that.  I get to be ME!

Like  TV show demands –   okay, is that lame?  It takes a back seat, really.   We have the cable DVR box so all the shows I follow get taped. We’ll usually watch one with the kids before they go to bed – maybe Survivor,  Amazing Race,  The Office, or House.  Then I have my favorites – Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, Private Practice…  It’s not uncommon for me to be watching after midnight – while at the same time catching up on the laptop – answering emails and questions,  and blogging…

A snapshot of my workroom last night.  I tried to organize, and sort them, by job, on what I need to get done for who… the first one had too much stuff to stack on the floor!



At least I can see where I’m at now.  I NEED to get busy creating samples and bids…    I also NEED to pull this funky carpet out – I’ve dumped product on it so many times, it is grossing me out to even stand on it…  Yell at me and tell me that I am NOT allowed to pull the carpet, until I get moving on the commitments!



Garage Sales Are NOT For Whimps….

Hosting them, I mean.  Advice?   At least  throw one BIG garage sale  in your lifetime….  By BIG I mean,  have it be troublesome to you.  Have it interupt your life.  Have it cause you to endure long hours of preparing, at the price tag of sleepless nights…..

DSC_7839 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_7832 [Desktop Resolution]

My kids are 12 and 13.  This was a good time.   I did a small one, about 4 years ago.  It was okey, but I wasn’t willing to let go of the TOY BOOTY yet…. heck, my daughter, and her friends, up to a year ago, were still getting some use out of playing medical on the stuffed animals, Petshop, babies  and kitchen food/cash register stuff…..

I didn’t let go of it all…. held on to some building stuff – Legos….  a big bin of Duplos (never know…)  Held on  to the Light Brite… must be the artist in me – gosh knows we haven’t Lite Brite’d in a couple years….  Couldn’t part with the dozens of My Little Pony’s….. or the Matchbox cars… those can all sit in the attic awaiting grandkids….

The rest of it?  Puppets?  Cash Registers?  Dolls?   Blocks?  Lincoln Logs?  Woodkins?  Felt boards?  Laser Tag?  Robosapien?  Transformers?


Sold this Halloween costume – my son,13,   wore it in 1st grade!


Sold this bathing suit of Jules-


S I g h……..  in the end?   Letting go of the ‘stuff’ is letting go of a part of my life that is gone – only memories now.     I miss my babies…

(ps)   on a good note,  cleared $849 day one!  It pays to be in the painting business – 2 rows of ‘tables’ in my garage are my extension ladders stretched out, with MDF sample boards stacked on top to create a flat surface.   My rolling scaffold decks made perfect clothing racks….  Good money, but it was NOT an easy feat…. this old mom will be going to bed early!

Metro Detroit Fun Toddler Cakes….

I know this has nothing to do with faux painting,  but sometimes paths cross you know?

This was a client of mine – nice lady.  Makes cakes.  We chatted it up,  she was passionate about her creativity as I was in mine.  She makes FIRST year birthday cakes.

I am a sucker for passionate artists!

So I told her to send me some photos –

1st Birthday 004

1st Birthday 005 (3)

If you like what you see and want more info?  Email Mary Jane at   ladyjane48329@yahoo.com

You Know, It’s Sunday… Take It Easy And Make Lemonade Out of Lemons

It’s been a crazy five weeks of work, back to back….. I don’t want to sound like a whiner.  I used to work a ‘real’ job – Monday through Friday, only a couple weeks off a year for vacation… so why would I complain that I just had five crazy weeks of working?   So what?

Working for yourself is so so different.  It’s not just five weeks of 9-5 days….   I think only those that do it can truly understand.  There isn’t a start and stop time… you are always on.  My hubster gets annoyed occasionally.  He wants my full attention and doesn’t get it.  You don’t just ‘get’ a job and SHOW up on day 1.   So much more goes into it….Can I explain what I mean?

An appointment is set up to meet a client.  Take some time aside to prepare – pack the truck with necessary portfolios.  Now meet and greet and learn all about your new client and what they are visioning for their space.   When I arrive back home, it isn’t just about unloading the truck.  A new customer file has been created, with wants and needs and wishes…. and I’ve promised to deliver.  How?  Well, real time, in my work room,  tweeking or cooking up new finishes so they are ‘just right’ for the client. Then, the tedious job of drawing up a quote from the measurements I’ve taken.   Often,  I will need to take time, online (using all my cool sources) to research various finishes, products,how tos etc…

…   and just WHEN does this all occur?   Usually when the family has gone to bed.    You see,  we are moms by day,  wifeys by evening, and business owners during the wee hours of the morning!    But I will not complain too loudly, for I love what I do, and I love the freedom that it allows me.

This past five weeks brought other challenges as well.  The toilet leak/flood a week ago, which couldnt have happened at a worse time (but I am thankful for insurance!)-

DSC_6932 [Desktop Resolution] My sister, in from China visiting for the month, and I wasn’t free to spend good quality time with her( that sucked)-

DSC_6671 [Desktop Resolution]

The kids, now 12 and 13 and really becoming more responsible, but me still feeling REALLY guilty that I wasn’t here for them (thank you Mom for stepping in for me!).

But, I made it!   I wrapped up my job (with a wonderful client, I might ad) earlier this week,  found a way to pull off my Thursday evening workshop (and enjoyed it SO wholeheartedly… God, I love the Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats and could demo them 365 days a year….),   and Friday?  A day that  Mother Earth finally agreed to cooperate in Michigan and deliver to us a lovely day full of sun?   I ran around settting up for an evening full of kids and parents from my daughter’s soccer team. Gosh, Mark and I sooooooo needed that chill –

DSC_7029 [Desktop Resolution]

God really is good… he never gives us more than we can handle.  We can make any lemon situation into lemonade, if only we keep focused on Him…   The economy blows?  Thank God for work. Our house isn’t worth shit?  At least we can still live here and raise our children…  a long drive to work sucks?  I befriended the nicest client while there…   See?  There is ALWAYS good in every situation,  we just need to look for it.