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Updating Old Wroght Iron Glass Table and Chairs

Perfect timing,  outdoors in Michigan –  instant 90 plus degree heat!  Boy, did we miss the pool scene this holiday weekend…

We were away last week on a much needed family sneak-away

prior to our trip the weather was blech mode, a cold wet Spring.  I swear we came back and everything was lush and green,  and seemed like everyone had their  flowers in the ground!

It was nice being back for a week, only to roll into a sweet holiday weekend.  I made a valiant attempt to get the yard in order –  I planted flowers, and got the hubby to hang that cool Moroccan tin light fixture that I used to have hanging in my store

The nice thing about having paints and such on hand?   It doesn’t matter WHAT color bracket your man comes home with!   It wasn’t white for long  🙂

One of the videos I made with Shelby TV was transforming a wrought iron table/chair set from my childhood

It had made its rounds with my siblings, eventually no one had a need for  it, so my mom gave it to me.  It was looking it’s age, but my mom knew I could breathe new live into it, and find a new owner….

Mom changed the fabric on the seat pads many times, I think the frame itself may even have been painted various shades of color.   I wanted to give it more of a darker bronze finish.   I started with Texture Basecoat by Caromal Colours as the first coat – an amazing paint I’ve used enough to know –  it bonds to metal no problemo!


I used that same  Textured Basecoat (Peppercorn)  and bladed it through a stencil (Cherry Blossoms) .  Using the thicker paint created an embossed stencil on the glass, and again, I’d used this paint enough times on glass to know it would hold up to wear and tear.  Using thicker mediums requires adequate dry time, so after each stencil pass I had to wait hours before I could continue on with it’s allover pattern  (patience is a virtue…)

The Textured Basecoat was the first coat, a metallic over that, a light sanding to pop some texture,  then glaze and sealer….  the chair pads were boosted and recovered

and the allover design on the glass top was accented with various Decorative Foils  , and easy process and oh so pretty  –

This set was around when I was a kid, growing up in Riverview.   It was the perfect size for the four seasons room off the back off our house.   If I had a room like that present day, I’d have kept this set – instead it went to a lovely home that, no lie,  had a four seasons room off their back!  (I know because we delivered it to her!!)

We are online,  24 / 7 , to fill your paint desires –  finishes, tools, stencils, foils, sealers, papers –  if you can’t find something, let me know!    fabfinisher.com

God Bless Those That Serve!  God Bless America!



Catching Up, and a Pink Chalk/Clay Painted Child Rocker

Goodness, where does one start when they’ve been away too long and there’s too much to talk about?  Do I share workshop wares?  What customers are doing?  Shop happenings?   Or all the project files, piling up with dust on them?

It  doesn’t help, abandoning ship for almost a month…  There was prom


and graduation from High School – it took my full attention, the 45 minutes before the ceremony started, to watch the jumbo-tron so I could catch her picture…


The last of High School soccer wrapped, a disappointing end, but thankfully for us we will still be able to watch her continue on at the collegiate level


I’m sharing this cute little rocker that I painted pink a while back –  a PINK post in honor of my daughter growing up –  from child rocker to college dorm!


The pink is American Paint Company’s Powder Room, one first coat painted on the whole rocker.


Then the second coat was a mere wash of Powder Room, but also some American Paint Company Uncle Sam, their brightest white, watered down and brushed lightly over the top.


When everything was dry I gave it a light sanding, and then brushed on a coating of American Paint’s Topcoat Finish.   Topcoat Finish is APC’s alternative to wax, and offers harder protection for your painted finish – perfect for tots.


Lastly,  I used one of our Monahan Aged Papers,  ripped it into manageable sizes, and applied them to the back rails of the chair using Satin  Sealer as my bonding agent –


Sweet, simple rocker.    It didn’t take long to find a new home  🙂


For all your paint and sundry needs – fabfinisher.com

American Paint Freedom Road Grey Gray – Waxed Black and Brown

Freedom Road is one of our top sellers –


American Paint Company‘s medium grey gray


A lovely color on it’s own, very Restoration Hardware


Applying APC’s Vintage Clear Wax, tinted with  black pigment (aka make-your-own-black-wax) will intensify the color as you can see on this small nightstand I finished


I layered Freedom Road over APC Waistcoat, and then sanded back to refine the finish.  Because the original piece was haphazardly painted white, it took little to no effort to reveal peeks of white through the colored paint.  So far, the drawer and side trim have been black waxed.


Over the top I only applied a coat of Freedom Road. When it dried I applied a quick watered down brush coat of Satin Sealer, just to seal up the paint. Once dry, I brushed another liberal coat of Sealer mixed with water, positioned my Aged Botanical Paper over it, then proceeded to adhere it to the furniture top.  apc_freedom_road_waistcoat_black_wax_botanical_paper4

You can see the piece, tucked in the corner below –


Applying American Paint’s Vintage Dark Wax, a pre-tinted brown, will change the whole look and feel of Freedom Road.

This vintage radio cabinet started with a layer of APC Home Plate –


Once dry I applied the APC Freedom Road, and sanded back (once dry) to reveal some of the Home Plate and original finish. To seal it up I used APC’s all natural, very easy to use, Vintage Dark Wax  – scrubbed it on with a brush and softly wiped the excess back


Would you have expected this color?


The dark wax will take the grey to an kakhi/olive/green tone.  No grey no more!


The top I took in a little different direction. First, I brushed a coat of Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Chocolate

when that dried I brushed a thin coat of APC Home Plate, sanded it to reveal the Chocolate texture, topcoated it with APC Topcoat Finish,  a more durable topcoat alternative to wax, and then gave it a wash with a black and brown glaze –


I painted the inside Home Plate as well, and tucked a stencil on the back for fun



The back got a fun wash of APC Waistcoat and a little Freedom Road.... no topcoating on the back –


But quite a different spin on grey.    I prefer using my powdered pigments and/or mica’s either mixed into a Clear Wax or into a Clear Glaze.  I’m not a fan of tinting my topcoat…

radio cabinet freedom road

We’ve got a great selection of  almost a dozen Powder Pigments, and a dozen more Mica Powders to choose from.  If you like to paint and create, these are a must have.  A little goes a long way, and once mixed still hold a decent shelf life.


Happy painting!