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You Know, It’s Sunday… Whoville and Faux…

So it’s Sunday night – still Sunday right?    This morning I had a visual thought during mass…

We were singing Gloria, and near the end, when we sing  you are seated at the right hand of the Father, receive our prayer

I had this thought

Jesus,  seated next to his Father, looking down at the world, on a Sunday – a day when so many people make an effort to visit their church and praise – I imagined it being like Whoville, from the movie Grinch Stole Christmas


I wondered – how many people are singing praise, singing this SAME song,right now?   And  God and his Son smiling, and enjoying the song rising from the corners of the world….

I bet that’s how Sunday’s are for God – a SUPER praise day!

I made this sign today – do you like?  It’s for my new front desk


I made it using my new Silhouette cutting machine.   The thought came to me, yup, at church this morning – lol!