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The Custom Backsplash, Complete.

I’ve tracked progress of this one, along the way.  To refresh, here was the backsplash- 


Here’s the chosen sample, an RS Wax finish  (how it was created can be found here


This was  a cool finish to do.  It was very labor intensive –  6 or 7 layers –  but the completed finish and custom look was well worth the effort.  The wife had the vision, the husband was a little unsure, but LOVED it when I was done.   The laying on of product, each layer, went quickly, but the RS Wax requires buffing, and that did NOT go quick.   This was the perfect site for this type finish – I was also working on the lower level walls and columns, so it was easy  to go back and forth, in between drying stages, and finish the next layer of the backsplash. 



Working on buffing out a layer of wax.  you can see the unbuffed part is still cloudy.  (yes that’s my palm sander – with NO sand paper – just the velcro bottom!) 


Heres the finished backsplash – 



Isn’t it fun? 



I love it darker – 


The rest of the walls were troweled in a soft metallic plaster (Shimmersuede) , and then a slightly activated RS Glaze was troweled over that.  The columns took forever – 



Glazing over one troweled layer of metallic plaster offers a lovely finish.  It really adds dimension, and what I like is that it takes away that allover ‘glean’ that often appears with troweled metallic plaster finishes.   I prefer to use the RS Glaze, but if you have not trained with the Faux Effects RS line, then you can’t buy it.  Instead, maybe try your favorite glaze  (on a sample first!) 

One last note,  if you plan on using Shimmersuede, make certain you clean your trowel while it’s still wet, and keep coarse green scrubbies in your bucket.  This stuff it tough to get off your blade, even as soon as a minute or two after you’ve used it. 



Back From AuraStone, Sorry For The Delay.

Got back from class late last night.  I’m behind on everything – returning phone calls, emails, answers to questions…   I will respond, just give me a few days!

In the mean time,  I wanted to share a little of my experience with AuraStone

I enjoyed learning about this line of products, and had even more fun experimenting with it.   I have so many ideas on how I can use it, not only for myself (heh heh) but for my clients and designers, commercial spaces….   Not just counters either – can’t you imagine a slab of this on a credenza or a pair of nightstands?   Not to mention art pieces –  my heavens, I don’t know where I will start-

It has alot of great selling features –

  • low to zero VOC’s
  • can go directly over laminates, solid surfaces, marbles, granites, paneling, concrete, drywall
  • superb bonding qualities
  • durable both interior and exterior
  • 3 times harder than cement, and more durable than granite as AuraStone has flexibility and is completely water sealed
  • impervious to stains and mildew resistant
  • 500 degree scorch resistance
  • lifetime guarantee against delaminating and color retention
  • 100% foodsafe (granite is not FDA approved )
  • has ‘tensile’ strength – granite does not
  • will not crack or chip easily
  • no weak points
  • can be applied completely seamless
  • custom created – any color scheme
  • can be designed at any ‘thickness’ and with custom edges
  • can incorporate additives like recycled glass and mica

So what did I think?  Well,  I will have to rethink HOW and WHERE I create my samples – this stuff is messy.  I’m not going to want my cats near by (they will certainly get goo’d), nor their hair in the air or anything else.  But – I CAN’T wait to start creating –

I can’t do that until the product arrives –  which set me back a huge chunk of change (the materials are NOT cheap).   This isn’t a ‘wannabe’ product or a ‘cheap substitute’.   It is one of a kind, and when you see a custom piece,  you’ll understand.  Combo that with what it has to offer, and the price makes sense.   You get what you pay for –

I had a nice time creating with fellow artists – and even got to room with a couple of them (always fun) .    Here’s my roommate Jen Bauer of Artistic Designs,  from Wisconsin –

I rode  in an elevator with a dude that had on a pair of alligator boots that would have made one heck of a cool counter finish.  You can create endless custom finishes with this system – think outside the box to all the other product lines and finishes you use and create – now your options have just multiplied-

I finished up class Wednesday and then rushed out so I could make my flight home.  Most of the class stayed until today so they could take their creations home.  Mine will have to join me, via Federal Express, once they finish drying-

Now back to sorting through all my messages!