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“Will Caromal Colours Cover My Oak Woodgrain?”

Sherri asks,

How well does this product work on oak? Will the grain still show?

I LOVE it on oak!   Its the best product I’ve seen to disguise the heavier graining often found in oak.  Here are some examples-

This one I just did, in the new PUMPKIN color (love it!!)  I started with a layer of Peppercorn Textured Basecoat, then layer of Chipping Creme, then layer of Pumpkin, then Toner.   The top part, taped off, is what it looked like before the Toner.  This door originally was oak stained cherry –


Here’s another.  The before (you can follow the photo play by play here) –


the after.  This was 2 brushed layers of Parchment Texture Basecoat.   The T tape stripe is the Parchment color, untoned/unglazed.  The top half of the door was toned using the Toner.  The bottom half was toned using Caromal Colours Wall Glazes –


it covers the grain nicely, don’t you think?


The next one is my old kitchen oak-stained-cherry door.  The corner is taped off and shows the original finish.  I banged the door up with some old tools,  then brushed on 2 layers of Parchment Texture Basecoat, distressed with palm sander, then toned using  Toner-


Another of my oak kitchen doors (you can see original finish in the center),  the top half I brushed on 2 layers of Chocolate Texture Basecoat,  distressed using palm sander, then Toned.  The bottom half I did the same thing, only used the Peppercorn Texture Basecoat.   If you can see a faint tape line running vertical, that was to show the difference in topcoats that I used (left side was wipe on poly, right side was Liberon wax)-


All in all, I think these photos show just how wonderful the Caromal Colour Texture Basecoats work over oak grain.


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