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OOoh La La – Flamant….

Loved this blog post on Design Press –  I stumbled on it because of this image –

of course I’d be drawn to that right?

And this

Flamant , a European Home Interior Company – go read about it Design Press


Great Site For Home Design Eye Candy…

I found an interesting website that you can look at for hours – photos of home and design –  room by room, as you choose-   www.houzz.com

You can also pick a state – and get their “style”.

If you join their website (free), you can inquire about anything that might catch your eye in any of the rooms. The designer answers via email. Pretty cool!

Be prepared to stay awhile!

Inspire… Be Inspired…


Ash Interiors Showroom Adds Urban Remains Collection To Its ShopOnLine…

Matthew Finan, over at Ash Showroom in Bloomfield Hills , has been busy preparing for Ash’s March Madness Sale (fabric and wallcoverings 40% off).   He’s added over 3,000 new items to their new Ash Interiors Shop online site

like this


Cow Hide Sofa

Save 10-40% OFF everything on their shop online website

Call the Showroom (248) 858-7010, or email Matt matt@ashshowroom.com, the link of the piece(s) you like, to place your order.

Spaces That Make You Look Twice…

I can’t recall how I came across a photo of this room, deliciously finished by Nena’s Creative Finishes in Houston, Texas .    I  wish that room was in my house.  I LOVE  the palette – some might think its drab, but I could live in a house with browns and taupes and creams. Accented with lovely bronzed metallic and crystal fixtures –

I like this next one because even though its one of these grand two-story rooms, it feels romantic, and warm, and grounded.  I hate our two-story great room.  I didn’t like the one in our last house either (so why did I do it again?).  I’d like my room so much more if  the ceiling dropped about four feet, or if it had a ceiling like this –

House Beautiful

Brick in the bedroom is so romantic, don’t you think?

Country Living

I have no clue where I grabbed this next photo from.  Anyone recognize the work?  Please let me know, so I can give credit where credit is due.  The camera shot feels distorted a bit, but look closely…. a lot of stone-  floor, walls leading in, and in the powder bath… the counter, sink….    but the decorative paint/plaster finishes on the walls softens all that cold stone.  Try to envision those walls with just paint – I don’t think you’d get the same effect-

This next one isn’t a full room shot – only have a closer up – but had to share it.   Artist Finisher Audra Lynch Nanay, owner of Three Trees Design Studio in Schererville, IN (219-865-1073)- created this finish by hand!  She troweled an Italian lime plaster on the walls and then randomly sculpted the flowers too – they are a porcelain type.   Was installed in a master bedroom and bath vanity area-

I like a lot of things about this room.  I like how they finished the walls in a subtle stripe, the ceiling remaining the lighter color. What I like most is the trim that draws a distinct line between the two.  The chandelier is perfect…. I love wood floors in bedrooms, though all ours carpeted.  And I like the color palette  – soft pinks, celadon, cream and white (my hubby wouldn’t like this) –


Ahhhhh…. look at that view.  Could you imagine?   There’s that wood beamed ceiling I love…. Nice soft neutral plaster on the walls – perfect backdrop for the rest – the dark woodwork,  lovely window treatments, and so fine are those chairs.  Described as  ‘soft green gilded wood chairs from Portugal’ –

Florida Design

Does this grab your attention?  It did mine.  All of it works perfectly together.  I’m surprised I’m okey with the pairing of so many items – but I think it was with purpose here. Like that  painting , and LOVE those chairs!

Florida Design

Check this unique fireplace out, its made out of coral –

Florida Design

Very interesting looking.  I think I’d pass on the drapes, though –

Florida Design

What’d you think?  Did they grab your attention,  or just eh?