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Jewel Kade Has Arrived At Fabulous Finishes!

Paint finishes? Meet Jewel Kade!

It all started with my painter friend, who would stop by my store blinged out in various JK pieces…   It never failed,  whenever she showed up,  I’d eye her jewels and want them for my own.

She gifted me with a necklace and charm…  I combo’d it with other jewelry… it got me part way there…. but I wanted more

Any time I wore her piece people would comment.  Now visualize – I am in junky painted up painter pants, and a simple T…. but I do like to wear a blingy belt

and now, the Jewel Kade

Their jewelry is so lovely –  custom crafted, artsy, pretty, unique…. and – you can customize charms – with photos of your kids, or family…

If you’re interested in purchasing JK jewelry, head to my order site

and choose your favorites –

Or, if you are in the Detroit area,  join us at Fabulous Finishes, Monday, April 23rd,  7pm, for a Jewel Kade Party!

I guarantee you will love their stuff!