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You Know, It’s Sunday… A Mother’s Day Sunday

It’s raining, and the house is quiet –  everyone is still sleeping.

I think back to what I’d consider easier days, when there were no money issues, or worries about where life was going to take us – there wasn’t a reason to worry about those things then – we just thought things would always be the same…   Time flew by,  the kids were little, and my life was filled with elementary events and keeping a big house in order.   I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t want to go back to that.   I was younger,  I had more energy, I was fit, my kids were toddlers and their problems were little ones…

Now my kids are older – my daughter turns 15 this week, and my son has been driving for 5 months.  My kids are bigger than me.   A second girl this year at their schools committed suicide this past week.   I can’t imagine the heartache that family feels, or if what that girl felt was any different than what my kids have felt at times….   I told my son ‘please don’t ever feel that THAT is an option when life gets bad’ and he replied   ‘oh mom, don’t worry, I like myself too much’.   

Thank you Lord!

I love my kids.  I am so grateful that God blessed me with motherhood.  I couldn’t imagine my life without them.   After church we are heading to my moms, to wish her a happy day.  I am taking her picture frames back to her – she dropped them off to me ‘gold’  and hoped I could update the finishes for her

I wish I’d have taken a before photo.  They are so pretty in person , I can’t wait to give them to her.  I used, if you can believe, CeCe Smoky Mountain Gray which is like a blue gray, and did a little crackling, added some silver tones, and a dark wax

I’m actually going to finish a piece of furniture in a similar combo this week, I love it so much

I love my mom.  I hope we can be to my kids, what my parents have been to us.

To all you Mom’s out there,  God bless you!   Happy Mother’s Day!


You Know, It’s Sunday – New School Year Resolutions…

My kids, like many, are back to school this week.   This time of year I have a higher level of emotion and anxiety…    I am reminded that my children are growing up.  High school and Junior High,  where has all the time gone?

Did I forget anything?    Shoes, socks, underwear?  School supplies, bus schedules, important dates?   Getting the kids back on a normal sleep schedule-

I read an article over at Catholic.net – A Catholic Mom’s New (School) Year’s Resolutions– written by Lisa Hendey,   that talked about how to make each new school year the best ever for our children.   She talks about making resolutions and sticking to them.  Here are some of her specific resolutions she set for her family –

  • Pray on the Way – Keeping prayer time central to your family life is important to all fo us, but we sometimes let things slip around our house.  This year, I commit to a time of prayer with each of my boys on our way to school in the morning.  This is a tradition begun by my own mother and one that’s become reflexive in our family.  As soon as the car is turned on prayer begins, setting the tone for the day and offering it to God as a sign of our love.  A friend told me last year that she frequently asks her children, “What would you like for me to prayer for?”  This simple phrase has let to wonderful discussions and yet another way for me to support and encourage my children in their daily lives.
  • Be Organized I typically get off to a good start at the beginning of the school year, but somehow lose the “eye of the Tiger” on family organization just when it’s most needed. I will keep a family calendar, consulting it frequently and anticipating events in advance. I will communicate with my husband about times when he may be needed to “pinch hit” with rides, homework help, brownie baking and other facts of school year life. I will have a good sense of not only what each day holds, but also what the scope of the week looks like. Conflicts and surprises will occur, but not when I should have been planning for them and just dropped the ball.
  • Family Dinner I will make every effort to prepare and serve healthy meals for my family. This will involve being a better shopper, since a big part of my problem with cooking is not having the right things in the pantry. With our family members being busier than ever, our dinners together (whenever they are possible) will be a retreat and a chance for needed communication. I will not give in to the rat race and find myself “driving through” on the way home from Football practice because there’s nothing healthy to cook at home.
  • Homework Helper I will give my sons the tools they need to thrive academically. This will include a quiet environment in which to do homework, the supplies necessary to do the job, and a supportive attitude. I will encourage, not nag, and will try to help them to establish the good time management skills that will serve them in their future lives.
  • Spread the Love As frequently as possible, I will tell my sons how much I love them and how very proud I am of them. I will keep critical comments to myself and will encourage them positively to live up to their full potential. I will exalt in their happy moments and will lovingly support them through tough times without dwelling to much on the “I told you so” moments. I will remind my husband frequently of how much I value him as a partner, a co-parent and a friend. I will not let tiredness or frustration dictate the tone of my conversation with my family. I will collect as many hugs and kisses as I can get from growing boys!

Here’s to all the kids in the world having a blessed and prosperous new school year!

My Kids Aren’t Kids Anymore…. Almost.

Trying to get some informative posts together, time is getting away  from me these crazy days…  the good stuff is cooking, I promise – in the mean time, I’ll throw you a homey bone 🙂

I can NOT get over how fast my kids are growing.  My son just announced he has to shave his lip….. ????  !!!!

When did this-

and this

and this

turn into this lip shaving dude?

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….      Sigh.

My daughter is noticing boys.  Really noticing.  Everywhere…. school, church,  walking into a store,  anywhere.   Caught her crying over a boy the other day…    What happened?  Where did time go?

I’m not ready for this.  No boys,  no worries –

Look –   she hated men!

Don’t we all wish, at some moment in our lives, that we could STOP the clock and keep everything just as is?

Dang, look at my arms!  (must have been from carrying that massive diaper bag!)     WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  I’ve turned old!  I don’ t look like that anymore.  My kids don’t look like that anymore…..

Ten years ago there was no face hair, and no tears shed over boys…..

Time changes everything.

You Know It’s Sunday, The Words I Would Say…

I was on Facebook a couple weeks ago when my almost 14 year old son posted to all his ‘friends’:

really good song from a reletively new band… so ya

and with that he posted a link to a Youtube video from Sidewalk Prophets.     I had no clue who Sidewalk Prophets were, and I was curious.  You wonder what turns your kids on, what they are liking and passing on –  so I clicked on it and listened.   The message in this song moved me.  My son, sharing this with others, obviously not afraid to share a God message to all his friends and connections,  moved me too.  THIS is what I want my kids hearing in their heads –

Be strong in the Lord and,
Never give up hope,
You’re going to do great things,
I already know,
God’s got His hand on you so,
Don’t live life in fear,
Forgive and forget,
But don’t forget why you’re here,
Take your time and pray,
These are the words I would say.

Sidewalk Prophets