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A Shop Table Gets Aurastoned…

These are awsome shop tables that Steve Lochiorco built for me – two in a row for painting on

and one more that I wanted to use more for gathering

I decided to create a finish on it, then use the Aurastone epoxy over top.  I kindof created as I went along – I first painted the table with Reclaim Mocha, then applied a crackle size, then troweled Venetian Gem’s brown and blue, then waited for it to crack…

then antiqued it with Caromal Colours Toner

then troweled on a layer of Weathered Bronze Lusterstone, then took a fat roller that had circles all over it (textural) and rolled that over the whole thing, adding in more Weathered Bronze and a little Sage

then I sprinkled across the wet plaster with some verdigris tamise flakes (patina’d gold leaf pieces),  then knocked it all down with my trowel

then I mixed up the epoxy I had left and poured – I used about 2/3 of a 1/2 gallon of epoxy and it wasn’t enough.  It didn’t even drip over the edges…

It needs another pour to smooth out the finish and to get the edges…. I’m not looking forward to taping it all off again, plus I’m out of epoxy, so it will probably stay this way for awhile!

I’ve had a number inquires about the Aurastone recently.  I do not sell the products –  it is not DIY without training and instruction, and I’m not set up to train for them.   If you are interested in learning the application, you will need to head here to read about product history and training locations.

I can only do it for you, and I have chosen to limit my application to furniture surfaces only.   I love the Aurastone – it’s an artisan’s dream come true – but it’s labor intensive, and the materials are expensive.


Focal Painting Part I Complete….

Powder Room Ceiling-

Troweled Espresso and Cocoa Lusterstones-

Second Layer, troweled a mix of Shimmer Suede Pewter, and Lusterstones Espresso, Brown Suede and Antique Parchment, wet into  wet-   all together… let it sit a bit then knocked it all down –

I love troweling colors of Lusterstone together –

Scroll back up and look at the difference from the original ceiling –

Y U M M Y !!!

A Decoratively Finished Master Bedroom…

Today I wrapped up a yummy master bedroom project I’ve been working on…  until the room is put back together and all is in order the client  prefers I keep the photos more close-up.

From this-

to this-

Installing the ceiling modello, over troweled Silver Taupe Lusterstone-

Troweled several brown metallic plasters, randomly applied foil,  and highlighted with gold metallic paint.  When everything was dry the modello was removed-

Over 100  Swarovski crystals were applied… can’t wait to see these sparkle once the chandelier is back in place-

The trimwork was painted Setcoat black, two layers of Modern Masters Warm Silver, then Van Dyke Brown Stain and Seal glazed-

The appliques were highlighted with Pale Gold-

The walls were troweled with Lusterstone Silver Taupe and then a toning glaze (Warm Silver and Dark Brown) was applied-

The overall color is very subtle and shimmery-

I can’t wait to see how the room looks once the furnishings and accessories are in place – if I get the approval, I will be sure to share 🙂

Working On A Ceiling And I Hit A Snag…

When I worked up this ceiling bid I realized that it would be a little tight troweling the metallic plaster under the trim sections –

but I didn’t realize that it would be so tight a reach.   First I thought my bitty trowel would clear but it didn’t.   Then I tried my largest trowel with the tallest blade – I tried to work under the trim using the top half of the trowel – that didn’t work either.

So I improvised and used my blade and a plastic scraper-

gotta do what you can do… it worked like a charm-

Almost done troweling-

Glazing to add richness-

Step by step by step…  applying the metallic base to the trim so it can be glazed-

The modello install is next, I am praying for NO SNAGS!