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Ocicat Keeping His Booties Warm…

Found Sebastian, our little Ocicat, in my daughter’s room the other morning –

hanging out on a hot heating pad SHE was supposed to be using…  he made me laugh -his little paws keeping warm…

Animals are pretty smart!


A Camera Purge Of Animal Antics….

I love my furry  boys – I say over and over, Ocicats are the best – and I mean that – they are the coolest, easiest cats…

And then there’s Bella…  (*snicker*)

Bella got a new toy that’s really cool –  a KONG Treat Wobbler

Bottom heavy, it wobbles around with treaty treats inside – kept her busy for quite awhile and stands up to her abuse –

Look at those big paws!

Waiting so nicely  – anticipating Nick’s arrival home from school…  dogs are so smart!

And then a funny car incident where she picked her bone up and just held it in her mouth for a couple minutes –

This was at a stop light and there she sat – the car next to us was cracking up and pointing at her 🙂  (these were off my Iphone)

I’m finding dogs mess up your car, though, you know?  Hair and drooled windows….

And of course, I can’t end a Bella related post without showing something she destroyed – this one miffed me – my Caromal sample that I LOVE to use to show the difference between glazed Wisteria and Parchment –  now, chomp marks on 3 corners…  I guess now it’s REALLY distressed!

and our most recent Netflix rental – she destroyed the return mailer. How are we supposed to send back the movie?

…And Here I Sit Wondering Where October Went!

I tracked our Crimson Maple changing color –

Do you think Bruno and Sebastian can sense the season changing?  Smell it in the air?  Wonder if they realize that their afternoons of fresh air are coming to an end?

A cool frame, stranded on my camera disk, from an October Caromal Colours workshop –

Marks birthday –

Captured the moment of Nick laying by the heater vent…  anyone else do this?   My FAVORITE –  cranking the thermostat up a good five degrees,  grabbing a couple blankets – one to lay on,  one to tent over the cabinet doors (creates a heat pouch), and then climbing into the heat pouch – Bruno always joins in as well.  Great way to take a 30 minute power nap –

And then we woke up and it was November!

Can I Get Some Eggs With That School Morning Scramble?

I call it the school morning scramble-  30 minutes of crunch time in the kitchen , that window of time that FLIES by on a school morning-

the kids, moseying about

breakfast decisions

the cries of “We have NO good cereals Mom!”

or “Mom will you make french toast?”

packing lunches

an apple or a banana?    “I don’t like the cheese on my sandwich!”

“Can I buy today?”  (No, I just spent a load of cash at the grocery store, pack from what we have!)

“Did you grab milk money?”       (yes)

“Did you grab your sister milk money too?”   (no)

“Are your beds fixed?”  (obvious answer)

“Get back up there and fix your beds!”

“Can I have a piece of gum, Mom? My breath is funky from the cereal”

“No, go brush your teeth!”


“Do you have your lunch?”

“Grab a sweatshirt at least…”

Kiss kiss X X    hug hug  O O     “Love you, have a great day!”

Kiss kiss X X    hug hug  O O    “Love you,  have a great day,  PAY ATTENTION!”

And what would YOU like for breakfast dear Bruno?

bruno the ocicat