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Customer Paint Projects To Share – Round 1

Happy 2016!   I swear the older I’m getting the faster time seems to be flying…

I thought I’d start out this new year cleaning the slate of ‘Customers Projects that Need Sharing’.   It’s the best way to inspire others that might be a little hesitant trying our products.   And a shout out to all our amazing customers that are willing to share their projects – I really appreciate it!!

This customer used our Mocha Reclaim to paint right over her original PAINTED WHITE spindles.  Over one hundred of the,  no less! stairrailsafter1

Instead of investing some serious $$ to replace the white spindles for wrought iron, she thought she’d try painting them instead…


The darker spindles changed the whole feel in her foyer, and she was thrilled.

Tamanna’s first project was this buffet – she acquired it for the great bones, not the color.  Her goal was black with a glossy topcoat.

black before

she used Reclaim Licorice, and a glossy wipe on poly,  and LOVED its ease of use.



She was back in this past weekend, to search for the perfect grey color for her kitchen cabinets.  She asked about painting the granite around two fireplaces, and went home and used one coat of her leftover Reclaim Licorice on both!

fireplace before

How’s this for a simple update?

after fireplace

Another client, came in this past weekend – back to find a color to paint her kitchen island cabinets.   She said,  “Let me show you  – I painted my kitchen with with your paints and love how it turned out…”   and she pulled up photos on her phone:




She used White Reclaim and our Coffee Glaze, and finished the update with new hardware


What a difference!!  CHANGE


She’s going darker on the island to give it a whole different feel –


Leah transformed her armoire using our paints –


which paint, I’m not QUITE sure – maybe American Paint?  Caromal?


It doesn’t matter- what matters is it looks pretty darn nice on that dark wood floor – she used one of our Stencils and repeated it down the sides, even added a little Swarovski Crystal Bling!


Diane gave this kitchen a great new feel, taking the original cabinets to a Sage Greenreclaim_sage_cabinets

I wish we had the befores for this kitchen,  stained cabinets with a stained floor was probably ALOT of stained wood which,  isn’t a bad thing, but look how lovely this sage is against the floor now?


Hardware was a new addition, as well as the decorative ‘feet’ tucked in next to the toekick…


You can find many varieties online, just search on ‘wood cabinet feet’


LOL,  these are REALLY some feet to add 🙂


Jackie shared two of her projects, both crafted using our Aged Papers and Botanical Paints ….  this one looks like Botanical Iris, and the paper is the blue damask

jackie 2

and this lovely looks to be Textured Basecoat Peppercorn with Botanical Dandelion over it, sanded back for reveal.  The Aged Paper is one of the botanical Sunflower prints.   Our paper order arrives this week, and due in are new Valentine and Easter prints – can’t wait to add those to the store –


Sue shared some of her canvas art, created using Textured Basecoat Peppercorn, The Aged Papers, American Paint Co. chalk and clay paints and American Paint Co. Dark Wax

sue 1

How cool are these?  Love her creativity and play on texture …

sue 2

including the use of Stencils to created raised relief.  We offer a great selection of stencils, and make a point to note which ones are better suited for building relief…

sue 3

Some of our large stencils may seem a little pricey,  but they are worth the investment if you plan on finishing more than one project.  Most of our large ones are thick and extra sturdy, allowing them to be used and cleaned over and over again.  The larger size also means a more extensive pattern, which can be used in many ways – stack them for an allover effect, use the whole design or just a few parts of it –

sue 4

I am going to break this into several posts, that way it won’t run on forever, and I can get this part live.   I’ve committed to getting all the shares posted, so Round 2 will be up this week as well.

  • this piece sold to a customer in Texas and moved out this past weekend soldbuffetgoldleafgleaners
  • working on finishing this curvy piece, created with a variety of American Paint chalk and clay paints, an enlarged Aged Paper, and a top I took back to original wood, and stained using our new Fabulous Wood Topper


paints, sundries and accessories –  fabfinisher.com.



Our Customers Sharing Their DIY Paint Projects

What have our customers been up to?  Let’s begin with Candace.  she headed out east to help refinish her daughter’s kitchen cabinets.  The befores candace_kitchen_cabs_before candace_kitchen_cabs_before2 candace_kitchen_cabs_before3 and the after, using Reclaim Bright White on the uppers, and Reclaim Pewter on the lowers.   She used our White Glaze over both the uppers and lowers candace_kitchen_cabs_after New counters, backsplash, appliances, and tile floor candace_kitchen_cabs_after1 This kitchen has a brand new look and feel – love it! candace_kitchen_cabs_after3 She also did a whole bedroom suite of furniture for her cottage – the before candace_bedroom_furniture_before candace_bedroom_furniture_before2 and after,  this time using Reclaim Bright White and Reclaim Pewter mixed together – (this creates a lighter shade of the darker pewter gray) candace_bedroom_after4 candace_bedroom_after3 candace_bedroom_after5 Chris started with this chrisrin_before and turned it into a cool media table using Black  and Stencil Creme Snowberry White –  instant life! chris_rini_after Cheryl has projects galore in line…  a before cedar chest cheryl_l_before and the after,  using  Caromal Colors Textured Basecoat Parchment (creme) and American Paint Company Desert Cactus (khaki).  Then,  APC Clear Wax  mixed with a little APC Dark Wax.   The papers are from our Aged Paper collection from Monahan Papers  , and the new fabric seat is perfect cheryl_l_2 Cheryl also completed this family room table, layering  Caromal Textured Basecoat Paprika, Chipping Creme, then Caromal Textured Basecoat  Bayberry. She distressed and then applied Caromal’s Toner glaze cheryl_l_coffee Before cabinets – dennis_sokol_before after  – what an amazing update –   Dennis used  Reclaim Offwhite and Coffee Glaze- dennis_sokol_after dennis_sokol_after_2 How about painted tile?   D Munro shared this before photo dmunro_painted_floor_before and went to work painting the floor into a checkerboard.  Reclaim Licorice and Reclaim Bright White  were used on the floor tile, and to stencil a matching pattern on the wall dmunro_painted_floor_1 The cabinets also received an update, using the same paint,   Reclaim Licorice – dmunro_painted_floor_2 Jan used Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Mustard with Caromal Coffee Glaze, and let some of the darkness of her original finish shadow through…so pretty! Jan_pringle_chest Another before vanity diedra_before Love the AFTER experience 🙂 Deedee writes:

OMG, I really put it to the test.  Cabinets are about 25 years old, I’ve never been refinished or painted.  Lots of wear as you  can see.  All I did was wipe them with denatured alcohol and roll on Reclaim Paint Pewter.  I even did the handles.  I love that it shows the grain like a high end stain.  I’m going to glaze them but I had to share because I’m so excited!  Thank you!

deedra_after I can see why she is excited –  this cabinet looks fabulous!!! deedra_after_2 This chest was sent to me, and Im not sure who it was or what it was – I’d say either American Paint Company colors Cannonball, Fireworks Red, and Amber Waves of Grain, or it could be Reclaim Licorice, Poppy and Buttercreme…  either way, cool use of paints – painted_trunk_fabulous_finishes Katherine used our Gilding Leaf products to gold leaf a light fixture –  this turned out fabulous, and she is thrilled! kat_wat_gilded kat_wat_gilded2 A before chair pamela_before_chair Pamela joined one of our workshops and completed this pretty silver finish chair, using Reclaim Mocha, a metallic silver, and our Black Glaze pamela_chair Nicole’s cabinets before – nicole before and after, using Reclaim Bright White nicole after A before dining room table dlnovak_before and after,  it looks like they used Reclaim Licorice (black) and Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Pumpkin with Toner for the woodgrain look – dlnovak_after2 dlnovak_after Kaye used our Aged Papers and paints to create this sweet wood sign kaye_groff This is what Karen’s before furniture looked like karen_before and this is her after transformation 🙂 using American Paint Company Navajo White over Smoke Signal,  and stenciling with metallics – karen_2 karen_3 karen_4 karen_5 Lori used Botanical Peony on this piece lori_wood This is a dresser, that Mary refurbished into a vanity – marymortage_before Gorgeous!  Love the sink, and the top row of drawers – didn’t even notice the detail on the old dresser…     She used Caromal Textured Basecoat Peppercorn, dry brushed some Bronze Metallic over that, and topped with Reclaim Glaze and Reclaim Sealer marymortage_powder)after Barb had this cute wooden stool, but wanted to freshen up the look painted_stool_before Darn it, Im not sure what she used,  I think  APC Shingle on the Roof stenciled over APC Smoke Signal painted_stool_after Mary’s before table base table pre 3 she used Reclaim Offwhite as the base, then applied American Paint’s Clear Wax with various amounts of Pewter Mica added to it – table final 3 An island, ready for some color – Kitchen_island_paint_cabinets_before Denise used about a 1/4 of a quart of Reclaim Pebble for this transformation… Yes,  YOU can do it! island_painted_reclaim Here is Lynne’s first Reclaim project, using  Reclaim Mocha as the base,  our metallic silver blend over top, and then Caromal’s Toner to antique it back – what a cool piece! lynn_jackson_painted_chest Sue sends this before photo of a table that her neighbor was throwing out years earlier.  From the photo its hard to tell, but the top was ruined and the rest of the finish had gouges and splatter from paint.    She used it as is, for their TV- Tv table 001 They are now in the process of transitioning their living space to lighter and brighter.  The family room, with a nautical style theme, was the lead for this transformation- sue_Tv table 007 Sue used several nautical / whale aged papers that we have, and cut them to fit the unique spaces, then mixed our chalk clay paints (a white and yellow) to create a soft neutral, topcoated, and voila!   She was thrilled that she was able to remake her piece into something that will work with their new decor.  Just love this!!! This kitchen is the before for Jennifer- jen_rose Not sure why i only have one after,  but she used Botanical Willow on the uppers, and Reclaim Pebble on the lowers – very nice combo,  wish I could see more! painted_cabinets_kitchen_reclaim and last but not least,  a local kitchen island redo – island_before_to_paint_mdf they used Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Cobblestone with Toner island_painted_caromal_colours_glaze

I don’t get to paint the Electric Queen of the Forest,  I guess shes too big to transport across the state…  oh well, that would have been cool.

need paint?

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