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A Client Distresses Her Desk With Candy Apple, Peppercorn and Parchment…

I forgot to take photos before, it was an old wooden desk but the owner already painted the body with Caromal Colours  candy apple red textured basecoat

A pretty cool piece, it had a pull out drawer with a built in ink tray

The  base also got some black (peppercorn) here and there, then the top was painted textured basecoat parchment

When the red and black were dry a layer of chipping creme was brushed on.  When that dried, one last layer of a  custom grey (peppercorn and parchment)

After it was sanded back, a glaze was applied, and then a script stencil using toner

she even stenciled a little script on the knobs 🙂

 All in a day’s time!

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Maria Refinishes An Island Using Caromal Paints…

Maria lives in Frisco, and is a Certified Rep for Caromal Colours –  she just sent this to my phone

Check out my latest – just refinished this island… 



Parchment with Toner


Barnworn For A Customer…Colonial Blue Parchment Paprika…

A customer has a laminated flat storage cabinet that she wants to refinish…   she wants to layer the color, and create a barnworn type finish, she’s just not certain the color combination…

I pulled out a piece of laminate and sampled a couple of finishes that caught her eye –  Parchment over Paprika,  and Wisteria over Colonial Blue –

Paprika textured, then chipping creme, then parchment over top.  Sanded back, then topped with Coffee Glaze, Tea Glaze and Toner.    Last section has no glaze or toner-

Then we have Colonial Blue textured,  then a stencil using Wisteria, chipping creme, and Parchment over top.  Sand back and top with Coffee Glaze, Tea Glaze and Toner.  Last section has no glaze or toner-

Lastly, we have Colonial Blue textured,  then a stencil using Mustard, chipping creme, and Parchment over top.  Sand back and top with Coffee Glaze, Tea Glaze and Toner.  Last section has no glaze or toner-

And which one did Emilie pick?  Shoot, I can’t remember exactly.  She came back and purchased Wisteria, Paprika, Parchment and Chipping Creme.  I think her plan was to layer the Paprika and  Parchment , with chipping  creme in the middle, and sand back.   No toner or glaze over top.

Emilie, if you read this and I got it wrong, let me know – better yet, send pictures when you’re done!

Candi In Texas Refinishes Her Tile Fireplace Surround Easily, With Caromal Colours…

Candi called me late September and asked about refinishing her ceramic tile fireplace surround using Caromal Colours paints-

I would totally love to see a sample of what you think would work for painting the ceramic tile around my fireplace.   (We discussed white and off white.)  The tile doesn’t have a glossy sheen, it’s actually got a little texture already so I’m thinking the toner and/or glaze would pick up nicely.  This same (horrible blue) tile is in my small bathroom and I would LOVE to paint that as well.  I’ve attached a picture of the fireplace and the bathroom.  (The cabinets in the bathroom were originally first on my to-do list.  That’s what started this whole deal!)  Hopefully I can get this all going soon and send you some before and after pictures.   Thank you again and again for taking the time to speak with me and for sharing your wonderful art and ideas with us.  You are truly a DIYer’s dream come true!!  Sincerely,  Candi

Isn’t she nice?) 🙂   Here’s the before

I sent her off a few samples –   Caromal Colours textured basecoat Parchment, adding in a little Krylon Webbing (black) for effect, and the Caromal Toner.

In October I got this

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your help and advice.  I wanted to let you know that I’ve finally finished the fireplace.  As you can see in the before, it was a horrible blue color.  After two coats of Parchment, some chiffon and black webbing spray, and toner, this is what I got.  WE LOVE IT!  And it didn’t cost the over $900 we were expecting when we decided to change the look.  I can’t tell you how many projects I’ve added to my to do list now thanks to you and Caromal Colours.  Now if you could figure out how to help me make the television with ESPN (always) on not be the focal point of our living room, live would be perfect!!  This might take getting rid of the husband so I’ll just admire the fireplace for now!  You’re a dream come true.
Thank you again…and I hope to be sending many more before and after photos.
This is why I love working with Caromal Colours products – they truly empower homeowners to do things they never could have imagined they’d do – and be so excited at the cool stuff they create, with their own efforts!
Now, the reveal
AWESOME transformation!
Cost – one jar of Caromal Colours Parchment $32.50,  Toner $16.50,  a can of Krylon Webbing $8, and some left over paint to water down (she used chifffon color).  You’ll have product left over to use on other projects, and trust me, you’ll find places to use them!
After –   room changer
Thank you Candi, for taking photos along the way, and allowing me to share them with others looking for ideas.  Can’t wait to see more!


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