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Aged Paper, Plaster and Canvas Workshop

This week we hosted an Aged Paper, Plaster and Canvas Workshop dealing with mounting papers on canvas, building and blending a border to mask the image edge using paint, plaster and wax.

fabulous_finishes_aged_paper_canvas_workshop_032916 (3)

The Aged Papers are addicting, we stock  a huge assortment, which makes choosing difficult…

fabulous_finishes_online_store_aged_papers (1)


fabulous_finishes_online_store_aged_papers (2)

fabulous_finishes_online_store_aged_papers (4)

fabulous_finishes_online_store_aged_papers (3)

The papers are 11×17,  and can be used in a variety of ways.   You could

  • slip them in a frame as is
  • line a drawer
  • create a focal wall
  • decorate larger furniture surfaces, like inside a china cabinet fabulous-finishes-studio-inspiration-painted-furniture-workshops-metro-detroit-diy-paints-shop-online0243
  • dressing up backs of furniture that will show in a roomfabulous_finishes_online_store_aged_papers (5)
  • adding a design element to furniture panelsfabulous_finishes_studio_chalk_clay_chest_paris_wood

aged papers, fabulous finishes, fairy







  • create a piece of art
fabulous_finishes_aged_paper_art_star aged-paper-workshop-create-art2 fabulous-finishes-studio-inspiration-painted-furniture-workshops-metro-detroit-diy-paints-shop-online0207

Our current Aged Paper Workshop creates art on canvas.

We begin by painting the canvas with a base color we choose, then we dry.  The paper’s edges are scored, and then the mounting process begins, using our Durable Matte Sealer with a squirt of glue mixed in.

fabulous_finishes_aged_paper_canvas_workshop_032916 (5)

We work to smooth out wrinkles and bubbles, then once our art-in-process is dry we begin layering a combination of plaster and paint – a little here, a little there, some scraping, blending, fiddling, some more plaster or more paint, blend and fiddle some more…

fabulous_finishes_aged_paper_canvas_workshop_032916 (6)

This is the longest stretch of the workshop – it relies on each person’s own eye, deciding ‘where’ they want or need more color or dimension, it’s not an exact science,  it’s just a feelie kindof thing,  and it’s cool to watch 🙂

fabulous_finishes_aged_paper_canvas_workshop_032916 (7)

Once the fiddling is complete,  our canvas art is dried, and then a wax color (or colors) is selected, to finish off our piece.   I love American Paint Company’s Vintage Waxes – I rave about them a lot, and for good reason – they are simply the best!

I use  APC’s Vintage Clear Wax to create colored waxes by adding pigment tints – like one canvas used a blue wax in the final pass – I’ll add our mica powders to create various shimmer wax colors as well.   I create each color or shimmer into it’s own snap-deli container, so it’s an easy go-to-grab when I need it.

We used a variety of wax colors to finish off the canvas’s –  APC’s Dark Wax, which gives an umber vintage effect, and APC Wax custom tinted to Brass, Aged Gold, Pearl, Pewter, Shimmered Silver, Blue, and Black.

fabulous_finishes_aged_paper_canvas_workshop_032916 (13)

Pretty fun night – thank you ladies!!

The plaster we use, to blend and layer the edges is Caromal’s Perfect Plaster


It’s unlike any of our other plasters – it’s whippy, think paint folded with whipped crème, then sprinkle in some seeds or specks of little things that bust open when you scrape them.   I wont’ apply the paper’s without it.

It’s also cool as a wall finish, which is it’s original intent (LOL)



I forgot to add a link to my videos page,  here  , if you check out video #5 it’s a short Shelby TV segment on this paper type application on a small stool.

Have a fabulous Spring Weekend!

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A Long Weekend, Dedicated To The Place I Call Home…

Weekends  aren’t the same when you own a retail business.   A holiday weekend is no different.

Saturday evening was warm and sunny in Detroit.  I pulled up to our flower-pot-less house, and couldn’t help but notice the other houses around us, all perky with colorful flowers…   some were still out tending to their yards.


I did purchase 4  coco lined deck planter boxes a couple weekends ago –  my mom always hung planter boxes off her deck and I loved them – and filled them with colorful annuals, but that’s all I’ve done so far.

Yards…. outdoor spaces…  all of their pretty spaces just made me grumble at ours.  Does that ever happen to you?

It’s easy for me to get in a punky mood about our outside space.  The landscaping is new and puny compared to the more mature plantings of our neighbors,  we don’t have a service walk running from the driveway to the back yard, and I miss that.     Our driveway is super short, making it hard to back out and NOT hit any vehicles that are parked in the street…  wait – am I blaming the driveway for hitting my daughter’s boyfriends jeep this weekend?


If that’s not bad enough,  the backyard is sprinkled with power boxes.  They aren’t lined up nicely next to the house – no, it’s like they were tossed into the air and where they landed is where they stayed.    Because it makes no sense,  I’ve been unable to wrap my brain around the HOW’s to disguising them…

Needless to say, I let the negative thinking get me down – how could THAT happen, with all the Joyce Meyer I listen to?




Sunday morning after church I felt an urge –  not to plant, but to paint.   Honestly, I feel like God was saying to me

Hey,  why don’t you make that house feel like home?

I decided to tackle the library.   I’ve had 2 frames from Kirklands that I don’t use anymore – they looked kinda like this


and my plan was to use them to display my kids senior photos.  They’ve been propped in the library since last year when my son graduated.  Now, with my daughter in her last week of high school, was a good time to get it done.

Here was my Sunday project – the walls, prior, were builder beige…


I combined several colors of metallic plaster that I had on the shelves – Lusterstone Weathered Bronze, Lusterstone Silver Taupe, Lusterstone Ebony and a good bit of Moire Dark Granite, mixed them all together to get a carbon color, and rolled and troweled that onto the walls. The ceiling I whiz rolled with our custom Cottage Paint color Ash.


The frames I took apart,  whiz rolled the cardboard matte with Perfect Plaster tinted grey, and then a scraped layer over top.  I dragged Textured Basecoat Peppercorn, Chocolate and Parchment over the frames, and then topped it with a little Botanical Salvia.    I wish I had taken a before and after …


Sunday night I was exhausted,  it took me all the way until midnight to get the room back together,  but it felt good to finally get something done.

Monday, I woke up and decided to tackle the kitchen

kitchen before

I didn’t think it would take long, since there wasn’t that much wall space, but I was wrong….  I didn’t get the kitchen put back together until late in the evening…

I’ve said for sometime that I wanted to use Caromal’s Perfect Plaster in my kitchen – I love the simpleness of the finish – I whizz rolled the first coat and scraped on the second coat



The simple scraping of that second layer draws up that natural color –



I cleaned and packed everything up, then realized I forgot the two ends of our island!   Crap…   I’ll have to finish that this weekend.


All in all,  I love how it warmed up our space


Maybe next weekend I’ll add a few flower pots to the front porch 🙂

This is a big week for us – my daughter’s High School Soccer team start their race again for district, regional and the state title.  First game is tonight, and unfortunately I won’t be there due to a sold out Paint A Piece Workshop.    Go IKE!    After this week she is officially out of high school!

I also just received the link to our latest DIY show –  I’ll be posting that soon.

Happy painting!

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Perfect Plaster For A Caromal Inquirer

I got a call this week from Kath…  she saw this  photo on my Caromal Colours page and wanted to know how to get the plaster  finish on the left-

The problem is, that sample was done when Caromal was offering TWO plaster products – a Smooth and a Textured.  The texture was rolled on, then when it was dry I added a stencil, then when that was dry I scraped over it with the smooth plaster,  then glazed.

Now their plaster is a combination of both called Perfect Plaster –

I told Kath when I got a chance I’d try to create a similar look for her using only the Perfect Plaster.    Today, when I was waiting on other samples to dry,  I got to work on this challenge.

I started with an off white surface.   I rolled on a layer of the plaster and let it dry-

Then I got a stencil, sprayed the back with a stencil adhesive and stuck it to the dried surface-

then took a rubber scraper and scraped some Perfect Plaster through the design-

Pull the stencil off and clean.

When dry I rolled more plaster, this time just randomly, even rolling it over part of the stenciled design-

After it sat for a few minutes I used the rubber scraper and pulled it lightly over these areas to knock it down-

When the plaster was dry it was time to add color.  I used the Caromal Colours Tea Stain Glaze AND Coffee Stain Glaze-

They come in quart size jars…. I like to mix the two colors, as you can see here on my ‘mixing foam plate’ 🙂  I used 1/2 Tea and 1/2 Coffee, then added a little water –

Before I rolled it on the plaster, I took a sanding block and lightly sanded down any high pokey areas-

then, using my same whizz roller (make sure you clean it good after the plaster), I rolled the glaze-

100% coverage-

then took out an old rag and wiped it this way and that,  kind of like dusting a table, to remove some of the color

Wipe and remove until you get to the look you like.  If you take too much off, just add in a little more!

Pretty sweet!

To do this finish in your own space, you’d need a Caromal Colours Plaster Kit.   This kit comes with everything you need –  the spreader (to fill your stencils AND to knockdown your plaster in areas),  the whizz roller, a tray, and a gallon of plaster which will cover 200-300 sf, depending on how thick you lay it.

You’d also need some Caromal Colours Wall Glaze.  I used both Coffee Glaze and Tea Glaze.  Each quart will cover approx 200 sf.  You can decide how much you need, and what color/s you’d like to use-

Head to the Caromal Colours STORE when you are ready to purchase, and be sure to use my coupon (rep) code  PattyH when you order. This will save you a few dollars off shipping, and will let them know you found them via me!

Oh PS Kath – I couldn’t find that stencil from the original sample.  You can, however, find it at LaserExcel-

The tile stencil from the sample above is from Andreae Design Stencils.

Caromal Colour Perfect Plaster – How To Instructions

plaster 1plaster 2plaster 3

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