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New Round of Gift With Purchase Stencils Have Arrived!

After getting some feedback from you guys,  this new round of stencils just arrived  –


I’ve got to put together the rest of the bag,  will most likely include a stencil brush, small paint pot, small texture pot, scraper, instructions, similar to what I’ve offered prior




DSC_0269DSC_0276DSC_0270DSC_0274DSC_0267DSC_0273Gift is with any purchase of $125 or more

(before tax/shipping)

I will be working on setting  up a ‘choices’  area in checkout, where you can select your stencil preference  (while available).  In the mean time, if you order and DONT see an option box, let me know your selection preference in our Comments/Notes area.

Otherwise, I get to pick!

Lastly, for those that will ask,  no, I am not selling the stencils  individually, but I will be adding the Gift Bag as an option to buy, in case you’d like to give it as a gift to your special someone.

Find our full lines of paints, sundries and accessories in our online store,  we’ve  shipped all over the world    –     fabfinisher.com

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An Exciting Week, Live in the D…

This past week I was honored to make an appearance on Channel 4’s morning show  Live in the D, for their March Madness Makeover on updating furniture.


Michelle Oliver, a video reporter from WDIV, visited our store looking for an easy way to makeover her dresser.  She taped some of her visit,  choosing a paint color and some how to tips.


and went home with everything she needed for her makeover project.   She wanted her dresser painted a soft white, but was interested in dressing up the top, maybe even adding a stencil ….

On the live show we demonstrated how to add a foil element to her dresser top, and adding extra detail with stencils.


I wish we could have had a whole hour to discuss ways to dress up a simple paint finish –  it’s what drives my creativity –

~ the art of embellishing your piece ~

Of course, a simple paint finish is classic,  like this bedroom

and these curios that my client wanted black

(before) Right Cabinet, (after) using Reclaim Licorice

(before) Right Cabinet, (after) using Reclaim Licorice

“Just” paint,  maybe layering colors, and a little sanding/wiping to reveal is another easy makeover,  like this gorgeous Florentina  bed from Habersham Home


or this fun piece

Side table painted in several layered colors APC Chalk & Clay paint, waxed

Side table painted in several layered colors APC Chalk & Clay paint, waxed

Maybe you paint a piece, and a month later you decide you could live with a little more pizazz… what then?

Applying a glaze would be an easy way to add dimension to your painted finish. Glazes can be applied over any non-waxed paint finish that isn’t flat or raw.   We offer many choices of glaze colors, both in store and online


Using a thicker, textured paint like our Caromal Textured Basecoats as a first layer color, and then another paint/color over top will allow you to reveal back, easily, to a real cool worn look


You could also add a thicker stencil, embedded between your color layers like I did on these back panels, using our Textured Plaster or Stone products


and on the front of this piece under a silver metallic finish…


Jazz it up more with some Swarovski shimmer


we offer a great selection of Swarovski colors, both in crystals and pearls




This piece had a lot of adds – the embedded plaster stencil design on the whole front, buried between American Paint Co. Chalk and Clay paint colors,  Swarovski Crystals, and our new Varigated Blue Gilding Leaf, on the top, accents and hardware


The same idea on this chest,  “only the names have been changed to protect the innocent”  –  (just kidding Ö anyone remember Dragnet as a kid?)


Ombre chest, painted with American Paint chalk and clay blacks/greys, our black texture plaster for stencil relief, sides feet and hardware accented with silver leaf

You could add a stencil element, here, there,  or everywhere, with the use of a stencil and another color of paint or glaze.  We offer an excellent selection of durable and reusable stencil designs


American Paint chalk and clay paints in various pink shades, each tier stenciled, shimmered with crystals, feet accented with silver leaf

silver metallic finish custom painted dixie chest triple

One of my all time favorite pieces, silver finish with stencil accents

It’s hard for me NOT to add something somewhere….  it doesn’t always have to be the front and center focus, like this red secretary –  it can be subdued, tucked away off to the side like the silver vanity


Maybe a change to the top would work for your space – FOILS  are  fun

Foiled cheetah top, American Paint chalk and clay Wainscott and APC Wax

Foiled cheetah top, American Paint chalk and clay Wainscott and APC Wax

and there are many color pattern to choose from.  Michelle chose Woodhaven Gold for her dresser top, which we demonstrated on TV

fabulous_finishes_foil_transfers foil_transfer_samples_fabfinisher

Or foil just your hardware, or feet, or drawer fronts….

Combine foil AND stencils- this table is ‘just’ turquoise, but the top changed it’s whole look


Weathered Copper for this “Clock Table”, created with American Paint chalk and clay paints and wax

This table base is a weathered white, painted in hopes of landing in a summer home.   Adding a stencil to the top makes this side table more functional, using a foil pattern on the top makes it more unique


We offer hundreds of lovely paper designs,  a great way to add interest to furniture

Base -Caromal Parchment with a glaze, Top - American Paint chalk and clay blended shades of green, waxed.

Base -Caromal Parchment with a glaze, Top – American Paint chalk and clay blended shades of green, waxed. Aged paper Botanical print added to drawer front.

You can add a paper clean like above, or weather the edges like these next couple


You can grasp the basic how to’s of this on my video links page – look for Episode 5, How to Apply Aged Papers to Your Surface and Blend the Edges


I also offer a Workshop involving mounting and aging papers – this one is tomorrow but its sold out


A great way to kick up the POW factor is using dimensional patterns, with more creative products like textured plasters, stones, and decorative acrylic waxes.  Our Specialty Finishes Workshop involves layering and creating finish looks with these type of mediums, which you can incorporate to any surface



There are so many ways to play and experiment…. and create




Cottage Paint Black base with a mixed Brass Wax, a textured plaster top with metallic and waxes



Our custom tinted Cottage Paint color Olive, with a mixed Black Wax, inside finish created with plaster, stencil and glaze



A silver metallic finish with decorative raised panel, using tinted textured plaster through lace and a shimmer mica wax over top

Are you local to the Detroit area and interested in possibly updating your OWN tired furniture?  If so,  come visit us – we’re located at the corner of 23 Mile and Van Dyke in Shelby Township,  48316.    Don’t come Sunday or Monday, because we’re not open, but T,W, F  our hours are 10am-5pm  Thursday 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am-3pm. During holidays our hours do change, you can find updates on our website.

If you live too far away, we ship daily,  offering our full lines of paints, sundries and accessories – store.fabfinisher.com.

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These Two Mirrors… Twenty Minutes and Two Heaping Tablespoons of Paint

Last week I was getting the eebie jeebies in the studio… too much stuff starting to pile up,  I’m sure many of you can relate.  Time to get in painting mode…

The nice thing about smaller furniture and accessories?   You can refinish them relatively quick,  and they’re perfect to showcase new colors and techniques.

These mirrors were a recent add,  rescued from a customers neighbor’s curb –  perfect to pluck off the heaping pile, paint, and move out to the store


My initial thought was to paint them with my favorite dark grey from American Paint  – Freedom Road – but by time I got to picking up a brush it was after hours, and the next evening was a sold out Paint A Piece Workshop.  The mirrors needed to be OUT of the studio area in the morning, so we could clean and set up for class.

If I used Freedom Road I’d get it brushed on before I went home, but in the morning I’d still light sand it (not mandatory but for me it is – I like my chalk/clay finishes light sanded) and then I’d have to Topcoat or Wax it, for this brings out the true depth of color,  and also seals that paint up.

I wanted quick and easy – but still fabulous.   I stared at my wall of paints,  and it came to me –   Caromal Colour’s Reclaim Pewter.    Still a darker grey, Reclaim Pewter adheres to any surface  (like these plastic mirrors)  without first sanding, stripping/priming, and (whoo hoo) it has a sealer built in 🙂

I got out the paint,  plopped a heaping tablespoon on on a foam plate, and  started brushing  the paint onto the mirror –


In what seemed like no time, I’d covered the top with all that detail, and thought

I need to grab my camera for this because no one will believe me!


I  took a picture of the time


then finished painting the mirror


I used very little paint, didn’t tape (that will clean up easily with a blade and some cleaner) and if a little too much paint was on, I simply softened it back with a dry cloth


When I was done, I captured the time –  about five minutes to finish the bottom half




This time, I get the time from the start –  Mirror 2:


Starting paint, about a heaping tablespoon-


Almost there!


Same thing,  ten minutes to complete


and with that done,  I wash my brush and call it a night.


The next morning the mirrors are nice and dry.  My plan was to apply a White Glaze (Caromal’s Creme Glaze) over the mirrors grey finish.   Only thing is – Reclaim Paint needs a few days to dry out (cure) before applying a glaze.  The jar says wait 48 hours, but I tell my customers  48 hours MINIMUM, and that waiting 3-4-5 days is excellent, if they can.   Why?   The longer you let your paint finish DRY, the easier the glazing is – if you glaze too soon you will gum your paint up and the glaze will be harder to wipe off.

So back to these mirrors –   the glaze is out.   Yes,  I’m going for it – these babies (mirrors) are going to be completed, cleaned, and propped in the showroom to dry – completely OUT of the way come  5pm Workshop time


Here is why I am not following the rules –

  1. I applied a very thin layer of Reclaim paint to these mirrors.   Unlike furniture or cabinet finishes,  typically SOLID coverage,  which take longer to really DRY,  this leaner application makes for a nice light, soft finish.  With a night to dry out, I think I’m safe to glaze…
  2. The mirror surface is narrow –  I can brush the glaze over it FAST, and then just as quick I can wipe back the glaze – so it isn’t ‘sitting’ on that paint finish for long, gumming it up…


I lightly brush some on



and with a dry cloth, balled up, I soften back the finish


What’s even sweeter?   I can wrap that rag over my finger, and softly wipe an edge or two, just like if I was sanding or wet wiping a chalk/clay finish



A simple brushing on of glaze


cover your whole surface


and soften it back with a cloth



then do that finger wipey edgey thing – if you desire a worn edge –




If you click on a picture you can see the detail – this looks like I spent hours on this!DSC_6497

Oh, sweet child of mine……  🎶 (Guns N Roses 😎) 🎶

I added a little color on the center panel, using a stencil and Caromal Colours Stencil Cremes (Snowberry and Mother Earth)


Caromal Colours Reclaim Paint Colors –





and,   FABULOUS 🙂


And check this out  –  our first ever , DIY local TV program has officially aired 🙂  It demonstrates the process of Gold Leafing, and applying our Metallic Foils, as well as a few other fun things.

I will be adding a link to our blog here, as well as our future episodes – we have been asked to host two a month!  How fun is that?    The next taping is Monday, and hopefully we can incorporate a very cool piece in the exact process we discussed here on these mirrors  –  that way you can SEE it hands on.   Stay Tuned!

You can find our workshop details here Workshops.

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Linking up tonight with some crafty pages 🙂





Caromal Colour Stencil Cremes

Caromal Colours Country Living Artisian Collection isn’t just about their fabulous textured basecoat paints that make cabinet and furniture refinishing a breeze, they offer a variety of other DIY finishing  products as well.

Let’s talk STENCILING.  Caromal Colours offers a unique line of self-stick stencils, eight yummy Stencil Creme paints, and even the brushes to get the job done!

Their Stencils are unique:

  • They are made with a durable, heavy duty mylar for easy handling.
  • No bleeding through stencil – you get a crisp, professional stenciled edge.
  • No more spraying stencil adhesive.  Just peel off the backing, lay on your surface and start stenciling.  No need to tape to walls.
  • One layer stencils makes stenciling quick, easy and fun.
  • When you are done, lay the stencil on the wax paper provided and the stencil retains its sticky back so that you can use it over and over.
  • Easy to clean. The stencils are reusable, can be washed over and over and they still stick.
  • Easy to use.  No measuring is required, no marking registers on the wall is required because the pattern repeat is added right into the stencil design.
  • What’s more is that they are designed to allow some play in the repeated design making continued placement easy.

Their Stencil Cremes come in eight colors –

They come packaged just like this in 2 ounce jars –

and here’s a finger swipe of each color so that you can REALLY see each for what it is –

Price of each $7.99,  and –  a little goes a very long way!


Head to my store below (click icon) and be sure to use my code, PattyH in the coupon code area.   It will save you $2 off shipping,  or if you’re order is $75 or more use my PattyH5 for $5 off shipping.