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New Round of Gift With Purchase Stencils Have Arrived!

After getting some feedback from you guys,  this new round of stencils just arrived  –


I’ve got to put together the rest of the bag,  will most likely include a stencil brush, small paint pot, small texture pot, scraper, instructions, similar to what I’ve offered prior




DSC_0269DSC_0276DSC_0270DSC_0274DSC_0267DSC_0273Gift is with any purchase of $125 or more

(before tax/shipping)

I will be working on setting  up a ‘choices’  area in checkout, where you can select your stencil preference  (while available).  In the mean time, if you order and DONT see an option box, let me know your selection preference in our Comments/Notes area.

Otherwise, I get to pick!

Lastly, for those that will ask,  no, I am not selling the stencils  individually, but I will be adding the Gift Bag as an option to buy, in case you’d like to give it as a gift to your special someone.

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Caromal Colours Makeover In Chocolate And Mustard…

Dawn shows what you can do with Caromal Colours Distressing Paints–   this really cool frame –

A distressed wooden trunk-

Textured Basecoat Chocolate over Textured Basecoat Mustard. Chipping Creme in the middle, and Toner on top.

Some stenciled wall art-

Textured Basecoat Chocolate over Textured Basecoat Mustard. Chipping Creme in the middle, and Toner on top.

and distressing an old chandelier-

Textured Basecoat Chocolate over Textured Basecoat Mustard. Chipping Creme in the middle, and Toner on top.

Nice work Dawn!

Great color combination, I just sent off samples to Laura in Virgina today and one them was the Mustard over Chocolate like this-

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Applying Caromal Colour Basecoats, Wet On Wet…

I had noticed, in my workshops, people brushing different colors of the Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats, on the same thing, at the same time, and the colors didn’t muddy up –

I liked the look and made a mental note to try it some time.

Along came some used up, beat up, stacking tables…. I swear, I think they are made out of some kind of foam material-

I took them outside and started  to paint  them, with several colors of the Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats –

All the colors were brushed on wet on wet.  I used

  • Paprika (red)

  • Peppercorn (black)

  • Parchment (creme)

  • Cobblestone (sage green)

I took a few tile stencils that I had and used them to add some pizazz-

Once the color dried I brushed on the Toner and wiped off.  When that dried I protected them using the MinWax Wipe-on Polyurethane

A fun little update that only took a couple hours.  Sometimes those are the best kind!

Blowing Up Stencils…Kid Decor

I posted last year about my daughter’s room

with stripes and stencils and Swarovski Crystals (can find it here) .  This was the big transition from youthful periwinkle fairies to punky colors and random patterns.     Sigh….. it’s never looked that neat and tidy, ever since…….

Today I was reminded of another room I did  after a client saw photos of Julia’ s room.     This was for a younger girl so the colors rang pastel –

The Benjamin Moore colors we ended up using-

2072-60 Beach Plum

2001-40 Pink Popsicle

2001-40 Pink Popsicle

2016-30 Carrot Stick

2021-30 Sunshine

2026-30 Cone Green

2071-40 Crocus Petal Purple

2110-20 Brown Tar

The before –

and a photo giving the client an idea of how the Beach Plum  basecoat would look –

They wanted more of a stripe presence,  so the plan was to mix it up all around the room.   Here we go-

taping stripes does NOT go quickly…..

Adding the color is fun, and actually alot of thought is given to laying out the colors-

After the stripes were colored I started applying the various stencils –

We were unsure what to do in the adjoining bathroom. I suggested blowing up a few of the stencils –

Aren’t these adorable?


You’ll never guess my get up – I had to grab just about everything I had in order to get my projector at the right height-

Then, I popped the stencil into the machine and the big image was transferred to the opposite wall.  From that I lightly traced the pattern –

I had some company.  Don’t you love him?

The room, all put together –

Can’t forget the Swarovski Crystals!

Wasn’t that fun?   For more fun, check out this linky Paint Party over at Domestically Speaking