Who’s looking for an evening out? 

  • an escape from a rigorous daily schedule
  • an outlet for some creativity to flow
  • an evening spent in company with maybe a few friends?


to view our current workshop schedule, and to register online, check out our new site:  FABULOUS FINISHES Workshop interactive calendar





Paint A Piece

Basic Finishes     

Specialty Finishes 

Painting Cabinets  

Glazing Cabinets   

Counter Tops 

Aged Papers Art Form


for current dates and time offerings, please follow the link to our new interactive workshop calendar, which includes registration info –






213 responses to “WORKSHOPS

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  7. Patty
    I love those eggs and am interested in knowing more about this leafing, comparing it to some other brands.

    • I love them too -but I must confess, I love the pumpkins a teeny bit more! (need to wait until Fall for those).

      In comparing Caromal Colours gilding kit to other gilding products out there, I can only offer my take on it- I’ve used both Sepp leaf and Sepp Schabin on my professional jobs. Sepp offers a simple gilding kit for $30 which includes 4 oz. size, 25 sheets leaf, gloves, brush and stick. Caromal Colours most basic kit runs $34 and includes 4 oz size, 50 sheets leaf, 4 oz toner, gloves brush, stick and instructions. Leaf is probably leaf. Water based size is water based size. In other words, apples are apples. Caromal Colours Artisian Collection by Country Living offers a user friendly take on offering a complete package to an end user, offering premium quality products at competitive pricing. Does that make sense?

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  14. I’m interested in singing up for the distress for success workshop on 5.5.09. I think I might be interested in the afternoon workshop. I have some bedroom furniture I want to change the color of. Please let me know how to sign up.

    Michele Everhart

  15. Cheryl Champine

    I would like to know more about where your classes take place. Thank you.

  16. Patty, Thanks for spending the time on the phone with me today. I will see you at Rock Financial. Ina

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  18. Dont know if my last reply got publishes. I am the west coast director for the Country Living Artisans Collection and I would love to hear your thoughts on how your workshops are going. What works? What doesnt? I just introduced this line to the west coast at a recent home show and got fabulous response and some confusion – people just didn’t think they could do it themselves. I am so excited to to show them and train them to actually DIY! I love this stuff! How about you?

    • Hi Vicki,

      The workshops have been great thus far. I see homeowners approaching Caromal Colours products two ways. Some homeowners are ready to jump right in – they don’t think twice, they order what they need, and they learn as they go. Others like to see what they are getting into. They want to see samples, see it in action, try it with their own hands. The workshops are perfect for them. I see two real benefits in attending a workshop. First, you see the products in action then get to use them yourself. You create samples from start to finish. And second, you get to see what others around you are doing. Some are brushing, some are smooshing, some are laying it thick, thin – whats the difference? How does it look in the end? Everyone benefits by looking around – in a workshop atmosphere, everyone learns from each other. I’ve experienced the same, in every single professional finishing class that I’ve attended.

      What I have found so far is, people just need to SEE the samples, and then the interest is there. Glad your show went well – I am doing one as well, the end of this month, for the International Women’s Show, so that will be fun – I will have a great audience!

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  41. Patty,
    Do you know of any workshops in Virginia? Thanks!

  42. Hi Patty

    I’m coming to your October 8th wkshp…..might bring a friend, not sure…

    Also, do you have any of the reddish, burgandy caromel color at your house? I’m interested adding color to my butler’s pantry…

    Talk to you soon, Carol

  43. Love, love, love everything I see on this site. Would like to be included in email updates. I am located in Battle Creek, MI but would like to be notified of your workshops. WOuld be worth the travel!

    • Hi Cyndi,

      A fellow Michigander! I was supposed to be out your way demo’ing, not long ago, but it didn’t pan out. I have updated my workshop schedule for this winter/spring session, but they are all week day evening sessions throughout the community – probably wouldnt work for your. I will keep you on a mailing list – nearer to summer I will starting hosting them again at my house/studio/workroom. If you have several from your area that are interested, maybe you guys can road trip one day, and I’ll set one up, like a combo class, just for you guys. Just let me know!

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  52. Good Morning Patty:

    I would love to stop over to your home and take a look at the colors so I can redo my kitchen. I am in the middle of remodeling now. I am renovating my old farmhouse and want to renovate my oak cabinets.

    When would you be available? Evenings? I am available all day Friday thru Sunday.

    Thank you so much for your time, am looking forward to meeting with you. If you could give me and my girlfriend a short demo, I would definately compensate you for your time.

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Susan,

      I’d be more than happy to show you and your friend how easy the paints are. This week I am off the wall so Friday could work – the weekends are tough for me because my daughter plays soccer both days – plus its our only dedicated ‘family’ time since the weeks are such chaos… email me and let me know how your schedule looks and we can set up a time that works for us all.

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  67. Well, this displaced Michigander is in Maryland and very interested in a beginning workshop. I’m one you mentioned who needs to see it in action before jumping in. I saw Chester, VA above, which is a ways, but I, too, am willing to travel! Anything in the Washington, DC area? Are YOU heading onto the workshop circuit? I’ve read so much here and seen all the videos, to the point where I feel you’re my teacher! 🙂 Thx for all your hard work.

    • Yay, that you are a fellow Mitten 🙂 and that I’ve helped you along the way! How cool is that – it’s good to hear. Workshop circuit? That would be a blast but I can’t even see straight here let alone fit in traveling – thought I’d love to…

      here are the CeCe retailers your way – hope one works for you! next time you’re in Michigan, plan a day and visit!

      Belle Patri Home Furnishings & Accessories
      Jennifer Lane
      3725 Federal Hill Rd, Jarrettsville, MD 21084
      Mailing: PO Box 373

      Buy This And That
      Patricia Porter
      (443) 927 6998
      Jennifer Lane
      (443) 845 9835
      Annapolis Antique Mall
      27 Riverview Ave.
      Annapolis MD 21401

      The Vintage Attic
      Melissa Sayler
      108 East Baltimore Street
      Funkstown, MD 21734

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  91. ‘Tis I again.
    Due to my work, I’ve had to commit to a weekend in June to visit relatives in MI. I was hoping if you end up with anything scheduled on or close to the 22nd of June, I could be alerted? Of course, I’ll be stalking this page, but thought I’d ask just in case a traveler might psychically influence the scheduling… Thanks!

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  158. Patti Sutton

    I can’t wait to re-do my kitchen cabinets. My question is, which class to start with. Should I do basic finishes or just dive in to painting cabinets? I’d love to get your advice.
    BTW, love the Shelby Township store. So many great things!

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  180. The cabinet door class, my cupboards have a varnish on them currently do I need to sand them down bfe coming? And at one point I believe that you had a class that you could bring up to 4 doors, you no longer have that class?
    Should I also visit the store prior to the class to pick out a paint color?

    • Hi Misty, no you dont need to sand the current finish off – only sanding prep would be if you have a peeling finish , that needs to be off before you apply a new finish over it. If you have every used wax/polish cleaners,care products in maintaining the cupboards, then you’ll want to use something like mineral spririts or undiluted white vinegar, and a scrubby pad to remove the silicone that those products leave behind. Cleaners like TSP and Simple Green do NOT are not to be relied on to remove wax remnants. Yes, you would want to come and get an idea of the finish you want prior to the workshop, because typically the painting cabinets is is early Saturday morning and the store isnt open beforehand. (usually we’ll have access available about 15 minutes prior)
      . Our early sessions of cabinet painting, and of glazing, were more doors (and longer time wise, and money per class as well) but we found that a couple doors is sufficient for someone to get the feel and handle for how to apply their paint finish (and the glazing as well) . The painting cabinet and glazing cabinet workshops are there to help someone gain the confidence to begin a larger project (more doors,surface etc) – it’s not complex, it’s just a good hands on , and visual , for you walking through, from start to finish, the how to’s for painting the finish you pick – so we wanted to keep it lower $$, and less time commitment. For others that are looking to paint more, say all 4 panels and two drawers to a single vanity, then they still have the option to bring the panels in for the paint a piece workshop.

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